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Financial Aid 101

An email series for prospective undergraduate students and parents.

Here in Financial Aid, we know that financing your education can be intimidating and confusing. That's why we developed "Financial Aid 101"—an email series designed to help you fully understand the financial aid process at DU. Find past emails and future topics in our series below.

This series is sent automatically beginning in October to prospective undergraduate students (and their parents) who applied for admission to DU, and who indicated on their admission application that they're interested in receiving need-based financial aid. If you're a prospective student (or the parent of a prospective student) and are currently not receiving these emails but would like to, please contact Lisa Westendorf at [email protected]

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Weekly Topics

  • Week 1: Overview of the Process and Application Tips
  • Week 2: Checking the Status of Your Application and When to Expect Your Award Letter
  • Week 3: Types of Aid Available
  • Week 4: Understanding Your Cost of Attendance
  • Week 5: How Your Aid Package is Determined
  • Week 6: Comparing Award Offers and Determining Unmet Cost
  • Week 7: Options to Manage Unmet Cost
  • Week 8: Finding Additional Scholarships
  • Week 9: Student Employment Opportunities
  • Week 10: Overview of Federal Student Loans
  • Week 11: Overview of the Federal Parent PLUS Loan
  • Week 12: Overview of Private Education Loans
  • Week 13: Smart Borrowing and Planning for Four Years
  • Week 14: Policies and Keeping Your Aid from Year-to-Year
  • Week 15: Next Steps and What to Expect Going Forward



Financial Aid