Our philosophy of what college should be is different. We’re not just interested in what you can achieve; we’re interested in what you can become. At the University of Denver, we make a deep and intentional investment in personal wellness, intellectual rigor, integrity of character and every student’s commitment to the common good. We call it the 4D Experience, and it’s all for one thing: for the difference.

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For the difference that creates communities.

At DU, you’ll experience long-standing campus traditions that you’ll remember forever, like camping out on the athletic fields to score free season tickets for DU’s national championship-winning DI hockey team. You’ll join (or start!) a club on campus that connects you with new friends who are into what you love. You’ll benefit from an intentional investment in diversity—from supportive leadership experiences, to tailored opportunities for those underrepresented in fields like STEM, to a summit focused on international experiences and connections. Your classes, dorm life and the entire DU community will allow you to forge deep friendships with people just like you, and people nothing like you—and it will change you forever.

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For the difference that sparks brilliance.

Our quarter system is unique, and it means you’ll be able to experience so much more than you might elsewhere. You’ll gain deep knowledge across a breadth of subjects, forge confidence-building relationships with your professors and participate in meaningful research, and you can even create an interdisciplinary degree all your own. During the Winter Interterm, you can travel to amazing places like Nepal without interrupting your progress toward graduation. At DU, you’ll be challenged, encouraged and successful—in and out of the classroom.

Kennedy Mountain Campus

For the difference that elevates your education.

Spend time at the one-of-a-kind Kennedy Mountain Campus, where you will hone your leadership skills, reflect on your ideals and cultivate both mental and physical wellness. DU is the only university to integrate both an urban and a mountain campus, offering the opportunity for every student to grow in multiple dimensions in order to lead lives of purpose, for themselves and for the greater good.

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Come experience the difference DU can make for you.

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