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Start thinking about your education

If you've submitted your deposit and confirmed your spot at DU, we encourage you to prepare for starting classes. There are a few things we'll need you to send us, including placement exams and your final transcripts. If you have questions, please contact Undergraduate Admission.

  • Discover DU

    As part of your orientation experience, all students will be required to take our online summer course called Discover DU. Through engaging videos and interactive content, students will learn about the values of the University community, how to register for classes, and what to expect during Fall Welcome Week. An invitation to begin the course will be sent in mid-July, and more information can be found on the Discoveries Orientation website.

  • Language placement exam

    Students who plan to begin studying a new language at DU do not need to take a placement exam and should register for the 1001 level. Students who plan to continue studying a language must take the placement exam prior to July 1st. If students do not complete and submit a placement test for a previously studied language by July 1st, results may not be processed in time for summer registration. This may prevent students from registering for their preferred language class until the beginning of the fall quarter. Please visit the Center for World Languages & Cultures website for the most up-to-date information.

  • Math Advising Tool

    There is a brief math advising tool for all incoming students. This helps our faculty gauge your experience in mathematics and recommend math courses for you to take at DU. The survey consists of 20 algebra questions, and should take around 45 minutes to complete. In order to ensure that you can register for the appropriate math class in mid-July, the deadline to complete this math assessment is July 1st.

    Take the Math Advising Tool

  • Send your final transcripts

    Remember to send your final high school transcripts and AP/IB test scores to Undergraduate Admission as soon as possible (if you're starting in the fall quarter).

    If you have taken any AP or IB exams, please have those scores sent directly to our office as well. DU's AP code is 4842. 

    Undergraduate Admission
    2197 S. University Blvd
    Denver, CO 80208-9401

First-Year Seminar Program

Our First-Year Seminar program (FSEM) is your first stepping stone towards a DU education. It's an introduction to the cross-disciplinary class work you'll be completing throughout your time here. You'll be asked to think creatively, discuss challenging topics with your peers and push yourself outside your comfort zone.

In your First-Year Seminar, we'll challenge you through writing, close reading, debate and information literacy. Because this is your first real step into the world of higher learning, we hope you'll choose a topic that encourages you to work with your professors and peers to discover new ideas and perspectives.

  • First-Year Seminar basics

    The First-Year Seminar is a small student group paired with a faculty mentor. The professor guides the group through discussion and class work complemented by a range of critical materials. These can take the form of printed materials as well as practical learning experiences (museum exhibits, film, etc.).

  • How to register for your First-Year Seminar

    Start by reviewing our course descriptions for the upcoming fall quarter. Certain courses fill quickly, so have two or three options in mind you'd like to pursue. You'll need the Course Record Number (CRN) for each course you select.

    From there, you will register for your FSEM at the same time that you register for your classes in Mid July.

  • Discoveries Orientation

    You'll meet your First-Year Seminar classmates during Discoveries Orientation, which is DU's orientation for new undergraduate students. At the end of Discoveries Orientation, you'll go on a Destinations excursion with your seminar group to get started on the academic content of the course you've selected. You'll also get a chance to explore the Denver area.

  • Class schedules

    First-Year Seminars meet for four hours per week in the fall quarter. Schedules vary by course, but generally, classes meet twice a week.

  • Eligibility

    Transfer students do not enroll in a First-Year Seminar class.


First-Year Seminar Program

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