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Find a Full Time Job

1. What are the first steps in finding a full time job?

Take a self-assessment.

Schedule a career counseling appointment. Contact: [email protected] or 303-871-2150.

2. How should I search for opportunities?

Make sure to use resources available to you to find opportunities:

  • Your professional network – start connecting to people in your areas of interest and ask for an  informational interview or inquire about openings.
  • University of Denver Alumni – use  LinkedIn  to find DU alumni and contact them to do an informational interview.

3. How do I write my resume and cover letter?

A targeted resume and cover letter is key to presenting yourself professionally and landing an interview. Here are complete guides to writing both your resume and cover letter. Drop in for Career Services' daily Resume and Cover Letter Reviews so we can help you perfect these important documents.

4. What should I do to prepare for interviews?

Prepare for interviews by researching the company and the position and think about the interview from the employer's perspective. What are they looking for in a candidate and what kinds of questions will they ask to determine if you're a good fit? Practice by scheduling a mock interview with a career counselor or practice on your own with Interview Stream. Remember that the more you prepare and practice, the more confident and successful you will be.

5. How should I make my decision?

When it comes to making the final decision about which job offer to accept, consider whether this offer meets your interests and offers you professional development opportunities that are in line with your career goals. 

As you evaluate your offer consider whether or not you should negotiate your salary. To evaluate the salary you've been offered begin by using the NACE salary calculator to determine what a reasonable salary for your position, location and experience would be. Next prepare a budget to determine your financial needs for that upcoming year. If the salary you were initially offered is far from the salary suggested for your position by NACE or there is a large discrepancy between your budget and your salary consider contacting your employer. For more information, click here to view our  complete guide to salary negotiation .


**Source: Wake Forest Career Services, 2013