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A student in Dr. Bonnie Clark’s Artifacts, Texts & Meanings class recently researched three beaded panels in DUMA’s collection.

She concluded that 2006.4.4 (below left) may have been part of an Ojibwe pad saddle. The beaded panel on the right, 2006.4.4, may also have been part of a pad saddle or part of a clothing garment.  Pad saddles often feature four outer edge embellishments (see an example here).  The floral designs and white beaded borders around the outer edge of the panels are common to Ojibwe designs. Seed beads date the object between 1875 and 1940. 

The student also concluded that 2006.4.5 (below middle) was part of a Cree tobacco bag. The panel has similar dimensions and floral patterns to other Cree tobacco pouches (see an example here).


Beaded panels from DUMA