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Amache Archaeology Collection

Connecting the Pieces: Dialogues on the Amache Archaeology Collection Online Exhibit  

Garden Stepping Stone

Concrete, 8'' wide. Found in Block 11H.


This is one of three stepping stones recovered from a garden discovered in the 11H barracks block. The two unmarried men who shared this barrack were former professional gardeners and researchers believe that this garden was created to serve as both an ornamental and functional garden. Judging by the position of the stone to the doorway as well as other features of the garden, it appears as though the garden was designed to promote mindfulness as well as produce edible plant life. Notice the three rough and one smooth edge of this concrete stepping stone. This smoother edge possibly indicates it was broken off of the base of the barrack foundation by a camp resident. These gardeners were not alone in repurposing materials in creative ways at Amache. Internees reclaimed personal independence within camp by both differentiating living spaces as well as maintaining cultural ties, often through their own gardens.

- Melanie Leiner and Dain Priday, DU Student Curators

stone garden
View to 11H garden wall from barrack entrance showing original location of the garden stepping stone. Additional stones uncovered during excavation reveal a path curving around the wall.
Courtesy of DU Amache Project.

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stone group
Left: Dain Priday. Center: Holly Kawase Kirkman. Right: Melanie Leiner.