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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Anthropology

Anthropology Graduate Students

Department of Anthropology

Graduate Degree

Master of Arts in Anthropology

Welcome to our anthropology graduate program. Here at DU, not only will you learn the theories and techniques of your field, but also the life-long skills to effectively conceptualize, prepare and execute projects for any career. With us, you'll explore and analyze human differences in the context of the material (political and economic) conditions of life. 

Come examine the interaction of gender, race, ethnicity, class and other variables in human affairs. Your understanding of the impact and consequences of these relationships will help shape social change and development.

You can pursue one of three master's degree tracks: archaeology, cultural anthropology and museum and heritage studies.

In your studies, you'll build supportive partnerships with esteemed faculty, enjoy small classes and conduct individualized graduate research in your own work spaces. Your internship in the Denver community will create invaluable professional connections. You'll also be enriched by access to and engagement with our very own gallery.

Anthropology students and alumni are using their degrees to improve the world in corporations, all levels of government, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. 

Are you interested in deeper interdisciplinary study? Consider a dual degree by pairing your anthropology degree with a complementary discipline offered at DU. View the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences full degree grid

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Questions?  We would love to connect with you. Please contact us. 

Lawrence Conyers
Professor, Director of Graduate Program
Department of Anthropology
Sturm Hall 132
2000 E Asbury Ave.
Denver CO 80208
DIRECT: 303-871-2684


The Office Of Graduate Education manages applications from prospective anthropology students. Follow the application steps and apply online. You will receive email confirmation upon successfully completing the form.

CAMPUS VISITS and information

We would welcome an opportunity to meet with you and acquaint you with our programs and our community. Come experience the University of Denver and schedule a departmental visit. When possible, we are happy to connect you with available faculty and current students who can speak to you about a particular degree, student experiences, and life in Denver.

If you would like to explore the campus on your own, we have developed a graduate student-specific printable map of campus.


MORE info on Graduate Requirements


  1. 48 quarter hours with a thesis
  2. 60 quarter hours with a master's paper
  3. In consultation with their adviser, students may fulfill part of their credit requirements by taking courses in any of the other anthropology concentrations.
  4. No more than 10 quarter hours will be accepted in transfer from another institution (more hours can be petitioned for, with 60 quarter hours and a master's paper).
  5. Students may take up to 15 credit hours in other departments/programs in consultation with your adviser.

Please review the 2019-2020 Graduate Student Handbook for detailed degree requirements.