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Department of Anthropology

Undergraduate Anthropology Students

Department of Anthropology

Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology

As an undergraduate anthropology major at DU, you'll interact one-on-one with faculty who are experts in their field. Whether you're learning ground-penetrating radar technology or taking part in an excavation at Amache, a World War II internment camp, you'll be learning hands-on, in small classes with individual attention.


The anthropology major requires a minimum of 44 credit hours of anthropology classes. No more than 60 credit hours taken in anthropology can be counted toward the 183 total credit hours required for graduation from DU. These are the basic required courses, which should be taken before taking more advanced courses in these subjects:

  1. ANTH 2310 Fundamentals of Archaeology: An introduction to the study of archaeology as a way to study historic and prehistoric peoples and cultures.
  2. ANTH 2010 Cultural Anthropology: An exploration of the varied aspects of ethnographic methods and the study of cultures around the world.
  3. ANTH 2105 Human Nature: a basic course in human evolution, primatology, and human biological variation and behavior.
  4. ANTH 2600 Museums and Public Culture: The introduction of museum practices in anthropology.
  5. ANTH 2000 Pioneers of Anthropology: The development of anthropology as a field of study, which includes important thinkers, ideas and relationships between the discipline and its wider intellectual and societal context.

The following courses are also required for all anthropology majors:

  1. ANTH 3800 Capstone Seminar in Anthropology: This seminar, which will typically be taught in the Winter quarter, will center on anthropology as a public and professional practice. Building on knowledge gained throughout your time at DU, you will explore topics in the public sphere through an anthropological lens. You will also learn skills for presenting your own anthropological explorations to various audiences. This course will also help you transition into the world of professional anthropological practice. Enrollment in this course assumes that you have completed all or most of the other requirements for the major and should be taken in your senior year. Please note: We are currently in the midst of changing the Capstone course to two segments: one 2 credit independent study taken with your Capstone project adviser and one 2 credit seminar taken in your senior year. We will work with you to make the transition fit with your graduation schedule.
  2. Other Anthropology Electives: 20 hours. The remaining 20 hours of classes for the anthropology major may be fulfilled with anthropology courses of the student's choosing.

Students must have taken at least three 3000-level courses as electives (including the capstone) at the time of graduation.

Information on independent projects, sequencing courses and faculty contacts can be found in the 2019-2020 Undergraduate Handbook.