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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)

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AHSS offers more than 25 undergraduate, graduate and PhD degree-granting programs for students who care about getting a well-rounded education and leading meaningful lives, personally and professionally.

Areas of Study

Graduate Studies

We are passionate about graduate education within the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS). With 26 graduate degrees, CAHSS offers an impressive array of study, research, faculty and fellow peers. In our interdisciplinary, highly collaborative environment, we strive to create strong partnerships, support and learning opportunities for our entire graduate community.

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why choose ahss?

Students from a variety of backgrounds pursue graduate education in our College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Though they may study vastly different disciplines, from media, film and journalism studies to economics, our students understand that graduate level work will prepare them for exciting careers in their chosen fields. They recognize that the skills learned during their degree programs will be invaluable assets throughout their careers.


"I chose to study at the graduate level because I believe that if you want to do interesting work, you need to show to employers that you can learn independently and solve complex problems. Graduate school is a great place to do that," — Brian Fahey, (MA '11, economics), Financial Advisor-Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

To encourage and empower both prospective and current students, the University of Denver offers support at the departmental, divisional and university levels. We understand that the journey to graduation has multiple steps. We support you from first exploration to completion of your degree.

In partnership with our individual departments, the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences dean's office provides logistical and practical assistance as you begin your journey here at the University of Denver:

  • Ingrid Tague, associate dean, oversees graduate curriculum and advising and student engagement.
  • Kristy Firebaugh, assistant dean of curriculum and graduate studies, serves as a liaison to AHSS graduate students, departments, and central administration. 
  • Meghan Godding, student services coordinator, is available to answer questions regarding applications, program options, matriculation, policy concerns and to guide you through many graduate processes. She is also able to connect you with individual departments to further explore a particular degree program.

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Interested in talking to one of our current students?  Email us and we will gladly put you in contact with a current student in your program of interest. 

We welcome your questions. Please feel free to visitemail or call us at 303-871-2249.