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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)

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AHSS offers more than 25 undergraduate, graduate and PhD degree-granting programs for students who care about getting a well-rounded education and leading meaningful lives, personally and professionally.

Areas of Study

Current Graduate Students

Graduate study is an exciting time to explore, grow and expand your intellectual and professional skills. It is simultaneously a time that requires a lot of attention to details and policies. To help ensure your success, we have compiled a variety of University resources to support you throughout your program.

Guidelines for Successfully Scheduling and Completing Your Thesis/Dissertation

Presented by the Office of Graduate Education & AHSS.

If you are a graduate student planning on writing a thesis or dissertation, you are strongly encouraged to attend a workshop session. Dates to be announced this fall.

We will cover the following steps:

  1. Preparations
  2. Proposal
  3. Assembling a Committee
  4. Committee Approval
  5. Oral Defense
  6. Dissertation/Thesis
  7. Dissertation/Thesis and ETD Submission
  8. Embargos and Restrictions



It is important to stay abreast of University policy. Be sure to review thoroughly the Office of Graduate Education Graduate Policies & Procedures.


As a graduate student, it is NEVER too early to begin preparing yourself for your career post-graduation. There are a variety of rich options to help support and encourage your growth as a graduate student and emerging professional.

AHSS graduate research and writing group

The AHSS graduate research group encourages and supports graduate students in their individual and collective research. Serving as a collaborative space to engage critically and offer suggestions for ongoing research, the group strives to encourage and support research endeavors from conference paper presentations to dissertation writing.

If you are interested in connecting with other graduate students to form a research or writing group, please email us.

Graduate Career Counseling

Need help with resumes, interviewing or thinking outside of the box in terms of career trajectories? Graduate Career Services can help.

Carly Einstein will work with you throughout your graduate journey to help you prepare for your post-graduation path. It is never too late to begin.


Research Tools and Funding Opportunities

Take advantage of the many resources available on campus to support your research.

Penrose Library

Penrose Library offers a wealth of information and support for your research. We have dedicated research librarians for specific disciplines.

Use these links to find not only their contact information, but also research guides broken down by discipline:

Writing Center

Did you know that the Writing Center offers workshops and support for graduates and faculty?

The Writing Center is open to you for help—from project conception to dissertation critic. Make an appointment today.

Funding Opportunities

Access to funding is critical to help support research, internships and travel opportunities. We encourage you to apply to the funding opportunities below as well as continue to seek out additional funding sources.



Find much-needed University of Denver guidelines, deadlines and forms you'll need throughout your graduate journey.

Looking for a form specific to your department? Check with your individual program or departmental website.

Dual Degrees

Dual degrees offer a wonderful opportunity to combine complementary master's-level degrees here at the University of Denver.

It is important to begin the process early and to be aware of the eligibility timelines. Review the dual-degree policy and forms to get started.

Access our student resources for graduate students and scroll down to the formal and flexible dual-degree sections to learn more about the variety of dual-degree possibilities.

Continuous Enrollment

Continuous enrollment allows students to maintain their current student status, and the benefits that go along with student status, while completing eligible post-coursework degree requirements.

It is important to stay current with your continuous enrollment. Be sure to review and complete the proper continuous enrollment process (PDF) each quarter to stay in good status, and avoid late fees.


Congratulations on nearing the completion of your program! While this is an exciting time, it also requires focused attention to deadlines and requirements:

Leave of Absence

Need to take a break from your studies? The University of Denver has two leave of absence options.

Be sure to read the policies, and choose the correct leave of absence to best support your circumstances and your time away from the University.

Please also contact our office and your adviser to discuss your options, understand your student status and stay connected while you are away from campus.

  • Medical Leave of Absence (PDF): A medical leave of absence requires a documented medical condition. Please review the policy for eligibility and necessary steps.
  • Personal Leave of Absence (PDF): A personal leave of absence allows you to take up to one academic year off at a time. Please review the policy for more information.



Success in graduate school does not rest on grades and research alone. Part of a graduate education is navigating the everyday issues, obstacles and opportunities that arise.

The University of Denver has offices across campus to support you on this journey.

Do you have questions that are not answered here? Want to discuss an issue further?  Please email us or call 303-871-2249.