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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (CAHSS)

critical race and ethnic studies

Dual Degrees, Joint and Interdisciplinary Programs

Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

The minor in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies provides students an opportunity to examine race and ethnicity as categories of social, political, historical, and cultural analysis, in the United States and globally, through varied courses offering multiple perspectives. Students are encouraged to think critically across disciplines and can gain important skills necessary for ethical and engaged citizenship in today's diverse, global society. Knowledge and understanding of race and ethnicity provides excellent training for careers in business, law, education, social work, journalism, the arts, nonprofits, government and public policy agencies, and increasingly in science and technology fields.

Declare Critical Race & Ethnic Studies as a minor.

Course Requirements 

Critical Race & Ethnic Studies Minor (20 credits)

Students will select courses from several of the disciplines participating in the minor, with required exposure to at least three different disciplines. Eight of the credits toward the minor must be 2000-level or above. Courses will be listed with a Critical Race and Ethnic Studies attribute, with the expectation that at least two-thirds of the course content engages with the study of race and ethnicity. If desired, students can create a targeted plan of study that focuses on specific academic interests and/or a specific community/population. There is also potential for a relevant internship, service-learning course, or study abroad course to be approved toward the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies minor—students will need to meet with the minor program advisor to secure approval.


To find current course offerings that count toward the Critical Race & Ethnic Studies minor:

  • Go to PioneerWeb > Student Tab > Registration
  • Browse the online Schedule of Classes
  • Choose quarter from drop-down
  • In Attribute field, search “Critical Race & Ethnic Studies” > Search

Program OBjectives 

The minor in critical race and ethnicity seeks to educate students to:

  • Consider and utilize a variety of academic disciplines and approaches to engage in a critical examination of race and ethnicity
  • Analyze and explore race and ethnicity as active social, political, historical, and cultural processes in the distribution of power, construction of identity, and maintenance of community
  • Uncover and understand the social, cultural, and historical contributions and lived experiences of racialized populations in the United States, and around the world
  • Compare racial and ethnic experiences and perspectives across groups, historical time periods, geography, and national origin
  • Explore how race and ethnicity intersect with other identities, such as gender, sexuality, class, religion, national origin, and citizenship
  • Critically evaluate primary and secondary sources; draw on diverse theoretical frameworks and methodologies; develop analyses, and present those analyses logically and coherently in written form and/or creative expression
  • Engage in intersectional analysis and other critical methodologies that will support the development of cultural competency skills needed to flourish in diverse and collaborative environments

Affiliated Faculty (by Department) 

Bonnie Clark
Kelly Fayard
Dean Saitta

School of Art & Art History
Annabeth Headrick
Annette Stott

Communication Studies
Santhosh Chandrashekar
Christina Foust

Emergent Digital Practices
Laleh Mehran

English & Literary Arts
Kristy Ulibarri

Elizabeth Escobedo
Jonathan Sciarcon

Joseph Korbel School of International Studies
Alan Gilbert

Languages & Literatures
Frédérique Chevillot
Chad Leahy
Ping Qiu
Lina Reznicek-Parrado
Orna Shaughnessy

Media, Film & Journalism Studies
Lynn Schofield Clark
Lauren DeCarvalho
Rachael Liberman
Sheila Schroeder

Lamont School of Music
Roger Holland
Mitch Ohriner

Sarah Pessin

Political Science
Laurel Eckhouse
Nancy Wadsworth
Joshua Wilson

Sarah Huff
Paige Lloyd

Daniel Storage
Sarah Watamura

Religious Studies
Jason Jeffries
Alison Schofield (also part of the Center for Judaic Studies)
Andrea Stanton
Dheepa Sundaram

Sociology & Criminology
Casey Stockstill
Lisa Martinez