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Nagel Art Studio

School of Art & Art History




  • Eric Nord, art history undergraduate, received a DU ART outstanding achievement award.
  • Megan Callahan, art history graduate student, received a DU ART outstanding achievement award.
  • Samantha Hunt, BFA in pre-Art Conservation with a minor in chemistry, received a DU ART travel grant to study the origins of a wooden mermaid sculpture in Copenhagen.
  • Yachen Han, BFA in studio art, received a DU ART travel grant to study contemporary museums and their impact in the community, in New York City.

2013-14 DU ART! Outstanding Achievement Awards

  • Abbey Holden, art history and studio art double major. Abbey has demonstrated success in both areas through academic excellence, an impressive versatility and creativity, and she will begin her master’s program at Parsons School of design in New York, fall 2014.
  • Cortnye Rusch, art history major.  Cortnye may very well hold the record for the most ‘perfect’ exam scores that some of us have seen, and sets the bar high for her peers.
  • Moira Heffernan, art history graduate student. Moira is a joy in both the classroom and the work place; working in the Visual Media Center for two years, supporting the Art History program on many levels, and also spearheading a long overdue upgrade of the graduate student reading room.
  • Erin Herberger, art history and museum studies graduate student. Erin’s observations are articulate and on point, she is a poised presenter, and her writing and research skills are concise and thorough.


  • Nessa Kerr, art history and museum studies graduate student. Nessa received a DU ART travel grant to Germany to research her MA thesis on sheer veils in Lucas Cranach’s paintings.
  • Ryan Hatfield, BFA with a focus in painting, received an award to attend a workshop at Anderson Ranch Arts Center.
  • Kari Varner, BFA multimedia artist who has led the SAAH student organization, ISMs  and coordinated the student exhibitions in Gallery 023 received a summer internship at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center.
  • Katie Bird, BA in art and MA in education, has been an Honors student throughout her studies at DU and will begin teaching art for children this summer at the Aspen Art Museum. She received a DU ART Outstanding Student Award.
  • Anne Woolman, studio art and computer science double major, has shown great growth as an artist in the past two years, particularly in drawing. She received a DU ART Outstanding Student Award.
  • Laura Kuhn, double major in art history and history, she has maintained a 4.0 GPA in both majors and received a DU ART Outstanding Student Award.

Hannah Hurst, art history and anthropology double major, graduates with distinction, writing a sesnior paper on “The Religious Influence on the Work fo Keith Haring.”

Jennifer Lutchi, art history and history double major and MA in education, received University Honors and department distinction with a thesis, “The Italian Other in Swinging London: Cinematic Representations of 1960s British Society.”

2011-12 DU ART! Scholarship Winners

  • Jillian Neilson, BA in art history
  • Faith Williams, BFA in studio art and MA in Education
  • Cordelia Taylor, BA in eMAD

2010-2011 DU ART! Awards

  • Bailey Harberg, BA in art history
  • Kristin Mallinger STransky, MFA in eMAD
  • Taylor Arns, BFA in studio art

2009-10 DU ART! Awards

  • Jennifer Schneider, eMAD UG
  • Rachel Deboard
  • Jillian Pate
  • Matthew Contos
  • Kirsten Nicholas

2008-09 DU ART Materials Grants for Art and eMAD students

  • Natalie Nguyen
  • Marie Janiszewsky   
  • Sarah Cooper            
  • Alicia Chee                
  • Zephan Hubert         
  • Chris Guyette            
  • Aaron Feight             
  • Dan McGlynn