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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

School of Art & Art History

Exploring Italy Class, 2010

Programs of Study

Art History Minor

Minor Requirements: total 24 credits (quarter hours)

  • ARTH 2801 World Art I: Prehistory to 1000 CE (4 credits)
  • ARTH 2802 World Art II: 1000-1700 CE (4 credits)
  • ARTH 2803 World Art III: 1700-Present (4 credits)
  • 3 art history electives, at least one at 3000 level (12 credits)

Additional Information:

  • 1 ARTH elective can be replaced with 1 ARTS elective
  • AP credit is apportioned according to University guidelines. Any impact on the world art course requirement will be determined by the undergraduate art history advisor, Scott Montgomery.
  • Only one 1000 level ARTH Analytical Inquiry: Society class can count toward the minor.