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BFA Pre-Art Conservation: Application Information

When should I apply?

Indicate your interest to the Office of Admissions, the School of Art and Art History, and the program advisor, Annette Stott, when you apply to the University of Denver.  You may submit your application for the BFA in Pre-Art Conservation at that time, but be aware that it will not be acted on until you have been admitted to the University. Even if you do not want to apply yet, submitting a portfolio during the university admission process can make you eligible to be considered for scholarships offered by SAAH, determined by the strength of the work submitted.

Enrolled DU students may apply at any time in their first two years, after first consulting the program advisor, Annette Stott ([email protected]).  Students may reapply once after an initial denial.  Until you are admitted to the BFA, the best majors to declare are BA in studio art or BA in art history. These programs allow you to begin taking the classes needed for pre-art conservation and no time will be lost if you work carefully with the Pre-Art Conservation advisor.

Bring or send all application materials to:

Jason Kellermeyer

[email protected]

School of Art and Art History
University of Denver
2121 E. Asbury Ave
Denver, CO  80208

Application Portfolio for the BFA in Pre-Art Conservation

Contents: Your application consists of 3 components: 

1. A Portfolio with images of ten pieces of art that best demonstrate your abilities in the following areas: 

    • Technical skill
    • Dexterity
    • Attention to detail
    • Color sensitivity
    • Composition and balance
    • Work in a variety of materials
    • Problem Solving

If you have 3-D work, you may show more than one image of the work and still count the group as one piece. Be sure your name and email address are on the portfolio.

2. Documentation.  Each piece in the portfolio must be identified by:

    • Title if it has one
    • Medium
    • Size
    • Date of completion

This information may be supplied in a separate Word document, making it very clear which information goes with which image.  Be sure your name and email address are on the document. 

3. A personal statement.  Use this statement to introduce yourself, including your motivation and goals in applying for pre-art conservation. It should also contain a full explanation about one artwork of your choice from your portfolio.  In this explanation, say what you were trying to accomplish with the piece, and why you chose the materials, size, and/or process that you did. Be sure your name, phone, and email address are on your statement. The admission committee may follow up with a phone interview.

Format:  Digital images may be presented on a portfolio website or on DVD, CD or flash drive. Images should be saved for optimal screen viewing resolution. Please use jpg or png formats.

Evaluation: Your portfolio will be evaluated by a committee that includes members of the studio art and art history faculties, curator of the university art collection, and a professional conservator.  You will be notified of the results by the advisor for the Pre-Art Conservation program.  If you are not accepted, you may use the suggestions in that notification to strengthen your application and apply again during any quarter in your first two years.  Be sure to discuss this with the advisor.

Submission: Please note that portfolios will not be returned; they become part of the student’s DU record.

Need Help?  Contact [email protected] for technical questions and [email protected] for questions about content.

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