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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

School of Art & Art History

Ceramics Studio

Programs of Study

BA in Art

The School of Art & Art History (SAAH) prepares its students with the conceptual processes and technical tools to interpret and give visual expression to the complexities of contemporary life. Through exposure to different methods of creation including individual projects, collaborative exercises and interdisciplinary approaches to making, students develop their own artistic voice through exploration, critical thinking, and a curiosity that will feed their ongoing quest for artistic knowledge.

The BA (Bachelor of Art) in Art is a liberal arts degree ideal for students with multiple interests. BA students complete the Art Foundations curriculum first, enroll in required Art History courses, and may design their remaining coursework around their area of interest and expertise. The degree is limited to a total of 60 credit hours and either a double major or a minor is required. A minimum of 30 credit hours in the major must be taken on campus at DU. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the quarterly Studio Advising Days for guidance.

Major Requirements: total 60 credits (quarter hours)

  • Art Foundations:
    • ARTS 1100: 2D Approaches (4 credits)
    • ARTS 1200: 3D Approaches (4 credits)
    • ARTS 1250: Drawing (4 credits)
    • ARTS 1300: Concepts (4 credits)
    • Art History:
      • ARTH 2801, 2802 or 2803 of the World Art Sequence
      • ARTH Modern/Contemporary elective
      • ARTH upper level (including another World Art course)
      • 6 ARTS electives (24 credits)
      • 2 ARTS electives at the 3000 level (8 credits)

Students completing a BA in Art must also complete a minor or a second major, and all university requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

Advising Sheet (pdf)

SAAH holds a quarterly Studio Advising Day on a Friday before registration week. Students are strongly encouraged to attend these advising sessions to meet with faculty for guidance and to ensure they are on track towards their degree goals.

Schedule Planning

  • Majors need to complete ARTS 1100 and ARTS 1200 prior to ARTS 1300, and all four Art Foundations courses must be completed prior to taking upper-level classes. For the Art History requirements, please note ARTH 2801: World Art I is ONLY offered Fall quarter, ARTH 2802: World Art II only Winter quarter, and ARTH 2803:  World Art III only Spring quarter.
  • AP credit is apportioned according to University guidelines.
  • Transfer courses that may impact Art Foundations or other Studio requirements will be evaluated by the Director of SAAH or the faculty member in that area.
  • One and only one AI:S SAAH class can be used for both common curriculum and the major.