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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

School of Art & Art History

Chinn Wang lectures in the Printmaking Studio, Shwayder Art Building

Programs of Study

Studio Art BFA

The BFA in Studio Art prepares the student to be practicing professional artist by giving opportunity to focus on creating art and experimenting with various art forms. Students may concentrate in ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking or sculpture by taking at least 20 credit hours in one of these areas as part of their 110 major hours or they may choose not to concentrate. BFA students do not complete a second major, but they may take a minor outside of the School of Art & Art History (SAAH). BFA Studio Art majors participate in a group exhibition near the end of their senior year.

If admitted to the University and SAAH, all students will be entered into the BA program in their area of interest. Students interested in pursuing a BFA in Studio Art apply under the guidance of a faculty member once enrolled in SAAH. 

Regardless of your intended degree, once accepted to DU, students that have declared art as a major will be sent information on how to submit a portfolio for scholarship consideration.

Major Course Requirements

  • 20 credits in Art Foundations: 2D Approaches, 3D Approaches, Drawing, Concepts, and Open Media Studio
  • 20 credits in Art History: World Art I, World Art II, World Art III, a Modern or Contemporary Art History Class, plus one other Art History class.
  • Minimum 70 in Studio Art: Intermediate Drawing or Life Drawing, Intro to Oil Painting, A 2000 level printing class, Intro to Photo, Sculpture I, Professional Practice, Senior Project, plus at least ten more classes in Studio Art or Art History
  • Minimum 110 hours of credit total to complete the degree requirements

The BFA Studio Art Major  requires 110-135 credit hours in art, 55 of which must be taken at DU or with DU Faculty. 

Credit earned with less than a “C-” grade cannot be applied toward the major or minor.  The overall GPA in the major must be at least 3.0

Of the 189 credit hours required for the BFA degree, a minimum of 75 credit hours must be upper division. 

A minor is not required, but may be completed in any area outside the SAAH.

Optional concentration: 24 hrs in the area, including Senior Project.

Advising Sheet

University Requirements

  • 48 credits in lower and upper division requirements.