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Studio Art Minor

The Studio Art Program at School of Art & Art History (SAAH) prepares its students with the conceptual processes and technical tools to interpret and give visual expression to the complexities of contemporary life. Through exposure to different methods of creation, including individual projects, collaborative exercises and interdisciplinary approaches to making, students develop their own artistic voice through exploration, critical thinking, and a curiosity that will feed their ongoing quest for artistic knowledge. 

The Studio Art Minor offers students the opportunity to focus on Studio Art courses specifically. Six courses are required for the minor, consisting of

ARTS 1250 Drawing
ARTS 1100 2D Approaches or ARTS 1200 3D Approaches
four elective ARTS courses, at least two of which are upper division (2XXX or above)
one Art History course may be substituted for an upper-division Studio Art course if desired.
One of the 1000-level Common Curriculum classes can be applied to either the major or minor. BA students may combine majors or minors within the School of Art & Art History, but no reduction in total credits will be allowed.

The flexible "Art minor" allowing a combination of Studio and Art History courses of the student's choosing is being phased out.  Students that seek an art minor beginning in Fall 2017 should follow the requirements for the Studio Art Minor