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Prof. Alison Schofield

Alison Schofield

Alison Schofield
Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Judaic studies
University of Denver

Phone: 303-871-2752

Recent Updates

Alison Schofield has been receiving international acclaim for her recently published work on the Dead Sea Scrolls, From Qumran to the Yahad: A New Paradigm of Textual Development for The Community Rule (EJ Brill, 2008).
She also co-editing a collection of essays on the Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls and early Judaism in honor of her adviser. The collection is titled, "A Teacher for All Generations: Essays in Honor of James C. VanderKam" (Brill, 2011).
Alison has been recently entrusted with the extensive multi-year project of creating a new translation, edition and commentary on the charter text of the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Community Rule.
In 2011, Alison delivered a paper and participated on a panel of scholars as part of a plenary session dedicated to discussing the implications of From Qumran to the Yahad, alongside the work of esteemed Scrolls scholar and Professor, John J. Collins.
Alison's paper and panel took place at the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament/International Organization for Qumran Studies, held in August 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. The panel included five respondents, including archaeologists, sociologists, and other text scholars on the Scrolls, who spoke on how their arguments are challenging the entire field of Qumran studies around the critical question, "Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?"


PhD, University of Notre Dame, Indiana