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DU Words of Healing

DU Words of Healing is a digital project in which we invite individuals making a difference on our campus and across the globe to be videotaped for approximately 3 minutes offering healing words against hate and/or healing words for peace: Drawing on their project, research, or personal experiences, participants share ideas that encourage positive changes in how people treat one another, including (but not limited to) insights about identity, difference, injustice, hope, prejudice, and/or respect.

Know of someone whom we should feature in a 3-minute DU Words of Healing video?
Please fill in, or have them fill in, the fields below (* required fields). You may also click here for a printable version of the form and drop it off or mail it in to CJS (Sturm Hall 157, 2000 E. Asbury Ave., Denver, CO 80208).



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