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Restoring Family Links Program

HAI partners with the American Red Cross' Restoring Family Links Program to reconnect people who have been separated from family members, helping them to fill in missing information regarding wartime and post-wartime experiences. For example, a local survivor contacted the Red Cross about finding the house in Russia in which she was hidden during the Holocaust. The Red Cross agreed to trace its location so that the survivor's desire to visit can become a reality. In the last 20+ years, the Red Cross has coordinated approximately 1500 post-war reunions.

If you are a Holocaust survivor or an immediate family member of a war victim, the American Red Cross may be able to help you find answers to questions you've asked for more than half a century. To initiate your search, please contact your local American Red Cross chapter.

HAI is providing the American Red Cross with educational resources as part of their training process. For more information on connecting with the Restoring Family Links Program, please contact us at  

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