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Fred Marcus Holocaust Studies Collection

The Fred Marcus Holocaust Studies Collection of the Center for Judaic Studies

Fred Marcus (1924-2002) was a beloved Jewish educator who was born in Berlin and spent the war years in Shanghai, China as a refugee from Nazi Germany. For many years, Fred served as a member of the Speakers Bureau of the Holocaust Awareness Institute, teaching students and members of churches and synagogues about the Holocaust. Fred's library was donated to the Holocaust Awareness Institute in his memory by his beloved wife, Audrey Friedman Marcus.

• To access titles from The Fred Marcus Holocaust Studies Collection of the Center for Judaic Studies that are housed at the University of Denver, please visit the DU library webpage to search for any of the titles listed below.

•  If you are not affiliated with DU, please click here to see how you can borrow from this collection or call the library at 303-871-3707.

Fred Marcus Holocaust Studies Collection Titles housed at the University of Denver's Anderson Academic Commons
  • Bayfield, Tony  Churban: The Murder of the Jews of Europe
  • Friedman Marcus, Audrey (and Rena Krasno)   Survival in Shanghai: The Journals of Fred Marcus, 1939-49
  • Gerard, Bert S. (ed.)   The Impact of the Holocaust
  • Gruenberg, Morris   Berlin N-54: A Story About Life in Berlin, Germany, From the 1920s Through World War II
  • Gulick, Phil   Escape to Shangri-La
  • Hoffman, Judy   Joseph and Me: In the Days of the Holocaust
  • Karkowsky, Nancy   A Discussion Guide for the Holocaust: A History of Courage and Resistance
  • Levine, Karen   Hana’s Suitcase: A True Story
  • Longerich, Peter   The Wannsee Conference in the Development of the ‘Final Solution’
  • Matas, Carol   Daniel’s Story
  • Orbach, Larry (and Vivien Orbach-Smith)   Soaring Underground: A Young Fugitive’s Life in Nazi Berlin
  • Pilch, Judah (ed.)   The Jewish Catastrophe in Europe
  • Raspanti, Celeste Rita   I Never Saw Another Butterfly: A Play
  • Samuel, Vivette   Rescuing the Children: A Holocaust Memoir
  • Scribner, Arnold   A Teacher’s Guide for the Text ‘Hilter’s War Against the Jews’ by David A. Altshuler
  • Steenmeijer, Anna (ed.)    A Tribute to Anne Frank
  • Stravinskas, Peter (and Leon Klenicki)   A Catholic Jewish Encounter
  • Szpilman, Wladyslaw   The Pianist: The Extraordinary True Story of One Man’s Survival in Warsaw, 1939-1945
  • Velmans-Van Hessen, Edith   Edith’s Story
  • Williamson, Walter   Heil Roosevelt: An American Student in Nazi Germany
Fred Marcus Holocaust Studies Collection Titles donated to local organizations (also available at DU)

• Abzug, Robert H. Inside the Vicious Heart: Americans and the Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps

• Browning, Christopher Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland

• Bukiet, Melvin (ed.) Nothing Makes You Free: Writings by Descendants of Jewish Holocaust Survivors

• Carpi, Daniel Between Mussolini and Hitler: The Jews and the Italian Authorities in France and Tunisia

• Chamberlin, Brewster (ed.) The Liberation of the Nazi Concentration Camps 1945: Eyewitness Accounts of the Liberators

• Chesnoff, Richard Pack of Thieves: How Hitler and Europe Plundered the Jews and Committed the Greatest Theft in History

• Conot, Robert Justice at Nuremberg

• Dawidowicz, Lucy The Holocaust and the Historians

• Duffy, Peter The Bielski Brothers

• Dwork & van Pelt  Holocaust: A History

• Everett, Susanne Lost Berlin

• Fischer, Klaus The History of an Obsession: German Judeophobia and the Holocaust

• Frantz, Douglas Death on the Black Sea: The Untold Story of the Struma and World War II’s Holocaust at Sea

• Friedlander, Albert Out of the Whirlwind: A Reader of Holocaust Literature

• Fry, Varian Surrender on Demand

• Gay, Peter Weimar Culture

• Gilbert, Martin Auschwitz and the Allies

• Hallie, Philip Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed

• Hass, Aaron In the Shadow of the Holocaust: The Second Generation

• Heppner, Ernest Shanghai Refuge: A Memoir of the WWII Jewish Ghetto

• Hilberg, Raul The Destruction of the European Jews (3 vols.)

• Hoffman, Eva After Such Knowledge: Memory, History and the Legacy of the Holocaust

• Insdorf, Annette Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust

• Kladstrup, Don & Petie Wine and War: The French, the Nazis, and the Battle for France’s Greatest Treasure

• Krasno, Rena Strangers Always: A Jewish Family in Wartime Shanghai

• Lagnado, Lucette Children of the Flames: Dr. Josef Mengele and the Untold Story of the Twins of Auschwitz

• Larson, Erik In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin

• Lehrer, Steven Wannsee House and the Holocaust

• Lewy, Guenter The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany

• Lifton, Robert The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide

• Lovenheim, Barbara Survival in the Shadows: Seven Jews Hidden in Hitler’s Berlin

• Mankowitz, Zeev Life Between Memory and Hope: The Survivors if the Holocaust in Occupied Germany

• Marrus & Paxton Vichy France and the Jews

• McKale, Donald Hitler’s Shadow War: The Holocaust and WWII

• Mendelsohn, Ezra The Jews of East Central Europe Between the World Wars

• Neufeld, Michael (ed.) The Bombing of Auschwitz: Should the Allies Have Attempted It?

• Ofer, Dalia Escaping the Holocaust: Illegal Immigration to the Land of Israel

• Oliner, Samuel & Pearl The Altruistic Personality: Rescuers of Jews in Nazi Europe

• Penkower, Monty The Jews Were Expendable: Free World Diplomacy and the Holocaust

• Plant, Richard The Pink Triangles: The Nazi War Against Homosexuals

• Pollack, Herman Jewish Folkways in Germanic Lands (1648-1806): Studies in Aspects of Daily Life

• Riding, Alan And the Show Went On: Cultural Life in Nazi Occupied Paris

• Ristaino, Marcia Reynders Port of Last Resort: The Diaspora Communities of Shanghai

• Rosenberg & Myers (eds.) Echoes from the Holocaust: Philosophical Reflections on a Dark Time

• Ross, Robert So It Was True: The American Protestant Press and the Nazi Persecution of the Jews

• Rossino, Alexander Hitler Strikes Poland: Blitzkrieg, Ideology, and Atrocity

• Roth, Cecil Essays and Portraits in Anglo-Jewish History

• Rubenstein, Richard Approached to Auschwitz: The Holocaust and Its Legacy

• Sebald, W. G. Austerlitz

• Suhl, Yuri They Fought Back

• Tec, Nechama Resilience and Courage: Women, Men, and the Holocaust

• Tec, Nechama When Light Pierced the Darkness: Christian Rescue of Jews in Nazi-Occupied Poland

• Tobias, Sigmund Strange Haven: A Jewish Childhood in Wartime Shanghai

• United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Flight and Rescue

• Vassiltchikov, Marie Berlin Diaries: 1940-1945

• Wagner, Gottfried Twilight of the Wagners

• Wyden, Peter Stella

• Yad Vashem (organization) The Holocaust

• Young, James The Texture of Memory: Holocaust Memorials and Meaning

• Young, James At Memory’s Edge: After Images of the Holocaust in Contemporary Art and Architecture

• Zapruder, Alexandra Salvaged Pages: Young Writers’ Diaries of the Holocaust

• Zisenwine, David(ed.) Anti-Semitism in Europe: Sources of the Holocaust

• Zweig, Ronald The Gold Train: The Destruction of the Jews and the Looting of Hungary


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