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Tolerance Trunks

Holocaust Awareness Institute

Tolerance Trunks

Tolerance Trunks: Teaching the Holocaust and Human Rights

Please note that, in response to covid-19, we are currently unable to accommodate requests for tolerance trunks. 

Tolerance Trunks provide everything you need to teach the Holocaust, delivered to your doorstep!

Holocaust Tolerance Trunks contain a variety of educational materials developed by an experienced team of educators to encourage a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and the events leading up to World War II.

Designed to fit each teacher's needs, the Trunks are compilations of multi-media learning tools, resource books and literature, videos, maps, posters, artifact kits, primary sources, CDs, DVDs and curriculum units. Ideal for either language arts or social studies teachers, the three different Trunk styles are appropriate for high school, middle school or Spanish language users.

The reservation fee for a 3-week loan interval is only $25. For an additional $25, Trunks will be delivered to your school.

We are fortunate to have the support of generous donors who have made these Trunks possible. We need your continued support to maintain the trunks, and update the materials. Please contact HAI at for more information on how you can support the Tolerance Trunk program.

For more information about the Tolerance Trunk Program, or to reserve a trunk, contact HAI at