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Center for Judaic Studies

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Center for Judaic Studies

Current Initiatives

Below is an initial menu of options, but we are open to talking with you about other possible areas for support:

Speakers at your venue
We can help you find expert speakers on a range of topics in religion and religious diversity and inclusion; in addition to our many DU experts, we also have connections with faculty experts around the Rocky Mountain Region.

Religious Literacy, Religious Diversity
Click here to read the 10.29.18 Denver Post op/ed from Drs. Pessin, Hashemi, and Stanton calling for increased religious literacy and support for religious diversity, or click here for the PDF version.

This project equips workplaces, community centers, and educational organizations with a diversity-awareness-raising art installation that prompts people to ask what steps they can take to create a more inclusive workplace honoring people from all backgrounds.

Curricular Modules & Teacher Training Resources
We can work with teachers to help curate and recommend curricular materials, teaching modules, and other teacher resources around a wide range of topics from the Holocaust to the arts of the Islamic world.

Have other ideas for how we might help in areas of religious literacy and diversity? Please let us know.

Please email us at to begin a conversation on how we can help.

Other CJS initiatives

  • Inclusive Excellence
    CJS is one of a handful of units on campus awarded inclusion in DU's groundbreaking Inclusive Excellence Graduate Fellows program. As part of a campus-wide commitment to diversity and inclusion...Learn more

  • The Paul and Caz Eldridge Endowed Fund for Judaic Studies & Cultural Diversity
    This new fund will support creative programming and curricular enrichment in Judaic Studies and cultural diversity. The gift will help expand the work of the Center to increase understanding of Judaic Studies, and to advance efforts around intercultural and interreligious bridge-building, and racial equity and healing on and beyond the DU campus.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in the American Jewish Experience
    DU, CJS, and RMJHS announce a new Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the American Jewish Experience for a term of up to three years. Broad support for this project is vital to its creation and longevity. We hope you will consider partnering with us on this new initiative. Please click here for more information.
  • Zicherman-Sztrulovits Memorial Endowed Fund
    Established in November 2015, this fellowship honors the memory of the Holocaust by preserving and cultivating Jewish history, culture and thought by providing support of student work in Judaic and/or Holocaust studies.  This fellowship also remembers and honors family and friends who perished in the Holocaust in 1944...Learn more
  • Digitization Project, HAI
    Through our Holocaust Awareness Institute, CJS has always been dedicated to sharing Holocaust survivor testimonies and other important Holocaust educational materials. In 2012, CJS embarked on a multi-year project making thousands of hours of videotape and cassette recordings available digitally for public online access...Learn more
  • Endowed Chair of Holocaust Studies
    Aiming to ensure the continued growth of Holocaust Studies at DU and beyond, CJS is working, with your help, to endow a Chair of Holocaust Studies...Learn more
  • Israel Cultures Initiative
    CJS offers a wide range of learning opportunities for students, faculty, and community members to study diverse perspectives from Israeli culture, history, language, film, and literature.  Many CJS faculty are involved in research projects related to Israel, plus CJS is committed to bringing important Israeli scholars, authors, poets, and film-makers to DU, continuously promoting education around Israeli cultures, histories, and identities.

  • International Education
    CJS is actively engaged in DU's ongoing International Education efforts. In addition to bringing visiting scholars, authors, and artists from around the world into our classrooms, CJS works with DU to help students study abroad as part of their Judaic studies minor...Learn more
  • Survivors Speakers Bureau
    Working with our Holocaust Awareness Institute to share lessons from the past, CJS organizes free opportunities for students and community groups across Colorado to hear first-hand testimonies from local Holocaust survivors...Learn more
  • Holocaust Memorial Social Action Site
    CJS works with a wide range of DU and community partners to ensure that DU's Holocaust Memorial Social Action Site honors the past by transforming the present and future...Learn more