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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Center for Judaic Studies

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Center for Judaic Studies

DU Interfaith Challenge

"interfaith" your calendar!

Transform your everyday online calendar into an interfaith calendar in 12 minutes:

Before you go, check out our  7 Best Practices for making Interfaith part of your office workflow:

7 Best Practices: Making Interfaith Part of Office Workflow

DU Interfaith calendar checkers!

Click here for a growing list of DU Interfaith Calendar Checkers!

Offices, Departments & Groups:

AHSS Dean's Office

Beck Archives

Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence (CLIE)

Center for Community Engagement to advance Scholarship and Learning (CCESL)

Center for Judaic Studies (CJS)

Center for Multicultural Excellence (CMES)

CLIE Grad Assistants

Department of Philosophy

Department of Religious Studies

Department of Religious Studies, University of Colorado Boulder

DU Latino Center for Community Engagement and Scholarship (DULCCES)

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department (ELPS) at the Morgridge College of Education at DU

Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management

Graduate School of Social Work (GSSW)

Graduate Student Programs, CLIE

Health & Counseling Center

Human Resources & Inclusive Community (HRIC)

Information Technology (IT) Help Center

Office of Admissions

Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI)

Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL)

Office of the Registrar

Religious & Spiritual Life

Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society (RMJHS)

Shared Services Center

Undergraduate Student Government (USG)

University College

University Libraries Dean’s Office 


Jeanne Abrams, Director, RMJHS and Beck Archives and Professor, University Libraries

Emily Allen, Program Coordinator, Pioneer Leadership Program

David Anderson, Investigator, HRIC

Lynn Baker, Professor, Lamont School of Music

Amy Balogh, Lead Lecturer, Religious Studies, Regis University

Rachel Balows, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admission

Lorna Beckett, Graduate Assistant, ELPS

Carole Bellfi, Office Manager, Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management

Michael Bleier, Academic Counselor, Learning Effectiveness Program CLIE

Brandi Bradshaw-Reyes, Program Coordinator, International & Social Justice LLCs

Megan Brown, Director of Compensation, HRIC

Laura Buhs, Assistant Director, International Student and Scholar Services

MacKenzie Burford, Career Services Professional, Career & Professional Development

Sandy Burke, Accounting and Billing Coordinator, Shared Services Center

Quill Camp, Office Assistant, AHSS Dean's Office

Sara Chatfield, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

David Corsun, Director, Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management

Nicole Cote, Inclusive Excellence Fellow, CJS

Marcy Cozzens, Manager of Recruiting Services, Shared Services Center

Annetta Crecelius Director of Marketing and Communications, AHSS Dean's Office

Kristin Deal, Program Coordinator, ODI

Susan Dill, Technician, Library Collections Procurement & Processing

Claude d'Estree, Director and Professor of International Human Rights Degree Program, Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Gianni Le Melle Di Cioccio, House Manager, Transfer Living Community

Meg Eastwood, Science and Engineering Reference Librarian, University Libraries

Mia Elizardi, Performance and Career Development Consultant, HRIC

Anne Quirke Enderby, Executive Assistant to the Dean, GSSW

TeRay Esquibel, Admission Counselor, Undergraduate Admission

Chandler Fox, Academic Advisor and Program Counselor, Daniels Undergraduate Programs

Jennifer Garner, Executive Director of Development, AHSS Dean's Office

Chanin Gates, Executive Assistant to the Dean, AHSS Dean's Office

Stephanie Greenberg, Procurement Contract Administrator, Shared Services Center

Omar Gudino, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Patricia Guerra, Assistant to the Chair, Geography & The Environment

Jake Hall, Off-Campus Senator, Diversity Committee Chair, DU Fly Fishing Club President, USG

Walid Hedidar, Senator, Chair of the International Committee, USG

        Kanitha Heng Snow, Manager of Marketing and Communication

Claudia Hernandez-Ponce, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admission

Kyle Inselman, Career Advisor, Career & Professional Development

Gina Jannone, Program Coordinator, CMES

Sarah Johnson, Assistant Director of Finance & Compliance, Health & Counseling Center

Dominic Lee Kennett, Graduate Assistant, Office of Student Engagement

Krista D. Khramov, Analyst, Shared Services Center

Sujie Kim, Assistant Director, Campus Life

Maura Koch, International Application Coordinator, Undergraduate Admission

Meredith Lawlor, Campus Visit Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Admission

Jenn Lipke, Associate Director/Transfer Coordinator, Undergraduate Admission

Tonnett Luedtke, Director of Academic Advising, Academic Resources

Genna Madic, Program Assistant, University College

Marissa Manzanares, Undergrad Admission Specialist, Undergraduate Admission

Laura Maresca, Vice Chancellor, HRIC

Samantha Martinez, Residential Director Centennial Towers

Nicole McLain, Phone Support Manager, IT Help Center

Lloyd Moore, Director of Benefits Compliance and Operations, HRIC

Selena A. Naumoff, Assistant to the Director, CJS

Cate Nichols, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Admission

Madeline Nilan, Campus Visit Program Coordinator

Shaunda Norman, Assistant Director, HRIC

Lori Northrup, Librarian and Associate Dean (Samford University) 

Raul Orozco, Student, AHSS

Deb Ortega, Director, DULCCES

Nicolas Pares, Instructional Support Specialist, University College

Sarah Perske, Music Library Supervisor, Bonfils-Stanton Music Library

Sarah Pessin, Interfaith Chair, CJS

Ken Pinnock, Director of People Development, HRIC

Shanna Pomager, Sr. Associate Director, Undergraduate Admission

Andi Pusavat, Clinical Assistant Professor & Counseling Services Clinic Director, Department of Counseling Psychology

Jenn Rau, Campus Visit Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Admission

Cody Riggs, Student Activities Div. Fellow, Office of Student Engagement

Doug Rippey, Digital Collections Technician, University Library

Adrianna Romero, Graduate Assistant, International Student and Scholar Services

Tom Romero, Assistant Provost for IE Research & Curriculum Initiatives

Roderick Rose, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admission

Molly Rossi, Employee Relations Consultant, HRIC

Adam Rovner, Associate Professor of English and Jewish Literature, Department of English and Director CJS

Steve Rundle, Recruitment Coordinator, University College

Laura Santerre-Lemmon, Director, Developmental Neuropsychology Clinic

Lynn Schofield Clark, Professor and Chair, Department of Media, Film, & Journalism Studies

David Shneer, Louis P. Singer Chair of Jewish History, Professor of History, Religious Studies, and Jewish Studies, and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies, University of Colorado Boulder

Shannon Sliva, Assistant Professor, GSSW

Marjorie Smith, Associate Dean/International Admission, Undergraduate Admission

Molly Smith, Instructional Support Specialist, University College

Morgan Smith, Student Body President, USG

Ashley Sodaro, Assistant Director, Executive Education, Daniels College of Business

Kate Stoker, Legal Writing Specialist, Sturm College of Law

Katy Stump, Manager of Payment Services, Shared Services Center

Andrea Sullivan, Information Manager, University College

Grace Sullivan, International Credential Evaluator, Undergraduate Admission

Sarah Sweetman, Director of Academic Services, GSSW

Ingrid Tague, Associate Dean, AHSS Dean's Office

Stephanie Tengelsen, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admission

Julianne Toce, IE Fellow, Graduate Student Programs, CLIE

Matthew Walter, Social Sciences Senator, Chair of Senate Affairs, USG

Katie Weiseman, Admission Counselor, University College

Ingrid Weyher, Program Manager, CJS

Jennifer Wilson, LEP Academic Counselor, Student Life

Colyn Wohlmut, Head of Collection Development,  Flora Lamson Hewlett Library



Interfaith Pet Photo Challenge! (Check back soon for more details!) 

Questions? Email us at, subject "interfaith"!