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Family Tree Charts

The Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society encourages the community to appreciate family and Colorado Jewish and American Jewish History by providing ways for people to engage in their own family history.

The RMJHS commissioned local noted artist Martin Mendelsberg in the creation of a unique "Dor L'Dor"—"From Generation to Generation" family tree chart. The Hebrew word "etz" (tree) forms the trunk of the tree, and the accompanying directions explain how to complete the chart by beginning with the name of the student and going back to include parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents for five generations.

Mendelsberg is a talented graphic artist who received his MFA from DU. He teaches at the Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design.

The family tree chart is sponsored by E. James Judd, in honor of Dr. Eleanore Judd. The RMJHS will gift the charts to young, local Jewish women and men who are celebrating the Bat and Bar Mitzvahs to encourage an exploration of their own family histories.

To order a family tree chart for a friend or relative, please contact Dr. Jeanne Abrams at 303-871-3016.