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Publications and Videos

You can buy videos and publications that detail and celebrate the Jewish experience from the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society.

Documentaries written and directed by Dr. Jeanne E. Abrams, produced by Starwest.

VIDEOS (in DVD or VHS, $20 each):

  •  A Legacy of Healing: Early Colorado Jews in Medicine 1865-1930
  •  And Justice You Shall Pursue : Colorado's Early Jewish Attorneys, 1885-1930
  •  Legacy of Caring: Early Colorado Jewish Women, 1860-1930
  •  A Legacy of Healing : Early Colorado Jews in Medicine, 1865-1930
  •  Blazing the Trail: An Early History of Denver's Jewish Community
  •  A Grocery Store on Every Corner: A Century of Jewish Grocers in Colorado, 1859-1959
  •  Citizens of the State: Colorado's Early Jewish Politicians, 1859-1940
  •  Civilizing the West: Early Colorado Jewish in the Arts, 1865-1950
  •  From Cotopaxi to Denver: Immigrant Jewish Farmers Become American Urban Leaders
  •  Growing Up in Early Colorado: The Lives of Jewish Children, 1860-1940

PUBLICATIONS by Dr. Jeanne E. Abrams:

  •  A Curriculum Guide: Early History of the Jews of Colorado—This book includes photographs and video.
  •  A Pioneering Legacy: An Early History of the Jews of Colorado—This video is $25 plus shipping and handling.
  •  Dr. Charles David Spivak: A Jewish Immigrant and the American Tuberculosis Movement (University Press of Colorado, 2009)
  •  Jewish Denver, 1859-1940 (Arcadia Press, 2007)
  •  Jewish Women Pioneering the Frontier Trail: A History of the American West (New York University Press, 2006)

Please call Jeanne Abrams at 303-871-3016 for information and prices.