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Christina R. Foust

Christina R. Foust, Associate Professor

Associate Professor
Sturm Hall, Room 268



  • BS, Kansas State University
  • MA, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Professor Foust's research and teaching engage rhetoric, power and social change in a variety of contexts, including social movements, political discourse and pop culture. More particularly, Foust's scholarship considers how the often non-normative, un-institutionalized voices of resistance work to change their communities, and how normative or institutionalized discourses reinforce their ability to maintain power.

She is author of the book, Transgression as a Mode of Resistance: Rethinking Social Movement in an Era of Corporate Globalization, which stakes a claim for transgression as a unique, viable mode of resistance, amidst traditional theories and practices of social change which rely upon hegemony. Foust's more recent projects consider the development of conservatism in the US as a social movement and the disciplinary uptake of "social movement rhetoric" and "counterpublics" as conceptual vocabularies. Her work also appears in Review of Communication, Western Journal of Communication, Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies, Southern Communication Journal and Women's Studies in Communication.