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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)

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Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


Liberal arts education is at the heart of the University of Denver. Our faculty, staff and students come together in a shared quest for knowledge of the human condition.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Contact & Office Information



Daniel McIntosh

Phone: 303-871-4449
Sturm Hall, 457

More about Dr. McIntosh

McIntosh joined the faculty in the department of psychology at the University of Denver in 1992 and was promoted to full professor in 2007. Between 2008 and 2012 he served as director of the University's Honors Program where he advanced a liberal arts education for highly academically qualified students. In 2012 he was elected chair of the department of psychology, which is the largest grant-receiving department at DU.

McIntosh is also the founding director of DU’s Emotion and Coping Lab where he and his students conduct research on emotions, coping and the psychology of religion. He is the author of more than 70 scholarly articles and the recipient of 13 research grants from extramural funding sources.

An alumnus of DU, he received his BA in psychology summa cum laude from DU. He holds an MA and a PhD from the University of Michigan.

ingridIngrid Tague

Associate Dean
Phone: 303-871-2057
Sturm Hall, 463

More about Dr. Tague

Tague is a professor of history and has taught at DU since 1997. She is a specialist in early modern British history, with a particular interest in cultural and gender history. She is the author of two books, Animal Companions: Pets and Social Change in Eighteenth-Century Britain (2015), and Women of Quality: Accepting and Contesting Ideals of Femininity in England, 1690-1760 (2002).

Tague was co-chair of the Undergraduate Academic Experience Strategic Positioning Committee, which was subsequently folded into the Renew DU committee. She served on the General Education Review Committee that introduced the common curriculum, and she spent four years on the Marsico Steering Committee during which she coordinated the “Depth Cell” to improve academic rigor. She was co-chair for the Committee on Acquisition, Discovery and Application of Knowledge during DU's 2010 accreditation, and worked successfully with other faculty to keep a significant portion of materials on site at the Anderson Academic Commons.

Tague has a PhD from Brown University. As associate dean, she works on internal AHSS functions. Her main areas of responsibility include oversight of graduate and undergraduate curriculum and advising, faculty development and student engagement. 


Ingrid Tague's Responsibilities
  • Strategic oversight of curriculum
  • Assessment
  • Faculty Development
    • New Faculty Mentor Program
    • Asst. faculty, assoc. faculty, and graduate student research groups & workshops
  • Foreign Language (FOLA) equivalency courses for students
  • Internal & external grant review
    • External grant proposals before they go to OSRP
    • Graduate student professional development applications
  • Student conduct, concerns, complaints  (Escalated undergraduate and graduate advising)
  • Undergraduate quarterly orientations, registration, Discoveries Week (coordinate with departments)
  • Changes to major/minor requirements
  • Academic exceptions petitions
  • Incompletes (over 1 year)
  • Grade changes approval after departments
  • AI/SI credit transfer requests


  • Course proposals
  • NEH Summer stipend applications
  • AHSS graduate innovation grant proposals
  • External grant proposals

Kristy Firebaugh

Assistant Dean of Curriculum and Graduate Studies
Phone: 303-871-2169
Sturm Hall, 462

Kristy Firebaugh's Responsibilities
  • Undergraduate and graduate curriculum
  • AHSS course schedules
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins
  • Adjunct and 1-year lecturer hiring 
  • Arrange AHSS summer program
  • AHSS Graduate admissions and enrollment management
  • AHSS Graduate financial aid oversight
  • Oversee contact between AHSS departments, the AHSS Dean’s Office and the Office of Graduate Studies
  • Financial Aid budgeting for AHSS


  • Course schedules
  • Adjunct and 1-year lecturer hiring requests

Kirk Jones

Assistant Dean for Business and Operations
Phone: 303-871-2511
Sturm Hall, 458

Kirk Jones' Responsibilities
  • Finance
    • Budgets (AHSS & Departments)
    • Accounting transaction approval
    • Salary & merit adjustments
    • Divisional and University financial policy enforcement and creation
    • Financial Aid budgeting
  • HR
    • Departmental position posting approval for hiring (faculty and staff)
  • Business Operations
    • Facilities
    • Space Management
    • Strategic Planning and Execution
    • Asset management
    • Safety
    • General operations management
  • Forms
    • Gift In-Kind forms
    • New fund or new org requests
    • Financial Aid fund code requests
    • Banner access request forms



Vanessa Baker

Finance and Operations Assistant
Phone: 303-871-3640
Sturm Hall, 457A

Vanessa Baker's Responsibilities
  • Finance
    • Journal entries
    • Purchasing card packets from select depts.
    • Direct Pays
    • Reimbursements
    • Purchase requisitions/purchase orders
    • Payment of invoices
    • Month-end departmental reports
  • Departmental assistant support
  • HR
    • Payroll time entry
  • Annual computer refresh


  • Direct Pays
  • P-card packets from select depts.
  • Travel advances forms
  • P-card request forms 


Jan Ballard

Marketing and Events Manager
Phone: 303-871-4562
Sturm Hall, 302

Jan Ballard's Responsibilities
  • The AHSS Weekly events announcement
  • AHSS website
  • Editor, expressions e-newsletter
  • E-calendar
  • AHSS alumni and community events
  • Promote faculty in the news
  • Provide departmental support in marketing and event planning

Quill Camp

Office Assistant
Phone: 303-871-4449
Sturm Hall, 457

Quill Camp's Responsibilities
  • Conference room scheduling (SH 286)
  • Sturm Hall building liaison
  • Sturm Hall building swipe card access
  • Sturm Hall storage area maintenance

Annetta CreceliusCrecelius

Director of Marketing and Communications
Phone: 303-871-2466
Sturm Hall, 302c

Annetta Crecelius' Responsibilities
  • Divisional communications planning and priorities
  • Oversee AHSS print and digital communications
  • Partner with University Communications and Marketing, the dean's management team, and departments to advance AHSS reputation
  • Support internal and student communications
  • Support advancement efforts and events

Erin Dietricherin

Director of Alumni Relations
Phone: 303-871-3283
Sturm Hall, 483

Erin Dietrich's Responsibilities
  • Alumni Relations
  • Alumni and Student Engagement Opportunities
  • AHSS Alumni Achievement Awards
  • AHSS Distinguished Visiting Alumni Series
  • AHSS Alumni Advisory Board – Community Connections and Student Engagement and Mentorship Committees
  • Annual Giving Campaigns
  • Donor Relations

Jennifer Garner

Executive Director of Development
Phone: 303-871-7467
Sturm Hall, 461

Jennifer Garner's Responsibilities
  • Raise funds in support of AHSS funding initiatives
  • Coordinate travel and donor meetings with the Dean
  • Work with AHSS leadership and Advancement to develop philanthropic opportunities
  • Support the alumni relations and Global Networks outreach to AHSS alumni and students
  • Staff liaison to the AHSS Advisory Board

Chanin Gates

Executive Assistant to the Dean
Phone: 303-871-4460
Sturm Hall, 460

Chanin Gates' Responsibilities
  • Dean's schedule & calendaring
  • Tenure & promotion
  • Pre-tenure review
  • Sabbaticals and AHSS mini-sabbaticals
  • Faculty hiring
    • Tenure-track
    • Lecturer hiring (new lines)
    • Lecturer renewals (continuing annually renewable)
    • Post-doctoral, research professor series, clinical professor series
  • Grant submissions for select grants
  • AHSS committee elections for University and Divisional committees
  • Chairs & directors meetings
  • AHSS Elected Faculty Committee (EFC) stewardship
  • Sturm Hall building swipe card access
  • Faculty-related listserv maintenance
  • AHSS website maintenance for faculty/staff pages
  • AHSS phone directory for chairs & assistants
  • Secondary contact for conference room scheduling (SH 286)


  • Faculty hiring forms & hiring packets
  • Tenure & Promotion materials
    • Tenure-track, lecturers, post-docs, research prof, clinical research prof
  • Pre-Tenure reviews
  • Grant applications
    • CAMF grant, Internationalization grant, PROF grants
    • Rosenberry Fund and Humanities Institute Travel Grants
  • Sabbaticals and AHSS Mini-Sabbaticals
    • Applications and reports

Meghan Godding

Student Services Coordinator
Phone: 303-871-2249
Sturm Hall, 204

Meghan Godding's Responsibilities
  • Student Advisory Council staff advisor
  • SAC elections process
  • Prospective graduate student queries
  • Graduate admissions and recruitment support for Communication Studies and English
  • Graduate financial aid coordination
  • Student programming coordination
  • Liaise with Global Networks, Alumni Relations, and Career Services regarding student programming
  • Divisional scheduling process support

hillaryHillary Hutcherson

Graduate Recruitment Digital Marketing Specialist
Phone: 303-871-2050
Sturm Hall, 205

Hillary Hutcherson's Responsibilities
  • Develop and execute AHSS digital marketing campaigns 
  • Develop and maintain AHSS media calendar 
  • Coordinate and analyze analytic reporting
  • Drive traffic to AHSS web assets
  • Partner with faculty to generate and maintain user-friendly and timely content
  • Divisional social media manager 

Tonya Kelly

Director of Development
Phone: 303-871-7839
Sturm Hall, 302D

Tonya Kelly's Responsibilities
  • Partner with key AHSS academic leaders. Establishing fundraising priorities and developing meaningful relationships
  • Engage philanthropic support for AHSS and campus-wide priorities
  • Work closely with alumni, friends, and community members.
  • Serve as a collaborative partner to all AHSS departments and functions

Emma Lawless

Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator
Phone: 303-871-2050
Sturm Hall, 205

Emma Lawless's Responsibilities
  • Develop and implement individual communication plans for each graduate program
  • Manage inquiry lists, communication e-mails, and written outreach to prospective graduate students
  • Implement and monitor data tracking and evaluation measures for graduate communication plans
  • Support research and analysis of graduate recruitment strategies
  • Divisional expert on admissions and communication tools in Slate
  • Manage Slate permissions for AHSS
  • Support admissions processes for AHSS graduate departments


Jeff Quinlisk

Finance & HR Coordinator
Phone: 303-871-4577
Sturm Hall, 459

Jeff Quinlisk's Responsibilities
  • Finance
    • Budget questions
    • Departmental assistant support
    • Contract entry support
  • HR
    • PCR, LRF, BES, BECR paperwork submission
    • Changes to employee status (faculty & staff)
    • Timesheet approval
    • HR Liaison for AHSS
    • Payroll questions
    • Salary & merit adjustments
    • Departmental assistant report
    • Departmental Assistant monthly training coordinator


  • Adjunct hiring packets
  • Hand-check requests
  • Payroll redistribution forms
  • Non-benefited hire (on-line form) 

Julie Thompson

Web & Graphic Designer
Phone: 303-871-4389
Sturm Hall, 302E

Julie Thompson's Responsibilities
  • AHSS visual identity
  • Design support for print collateral, digital marketing, website, and social media
  • Print and digital asset management