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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)

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Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


Liberal arts education is at the heart of the University of Denver. Our faculty, staff and students come together in a shared quest for knowledge of the human condition.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Dean's Office Services

The dean's office provides abundant services for the divisions of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Can't find what you're looking for? Press Control F to search for a subject. Questions? Call 303-871-4449.


AHSS Advisory Board Jennifer Garner
Alumni outreach Jennifer Garner
Assists department chairs with strategies on fundraising priorities and donor cultivation  Jennifer Garner
Coordinates fundraising and donor stewardship visits with the Dean  Jennifer Garner
Donor relations Jennifer Garner
Major gift fundraising for AHSS programs Jennifer Garner
Provides donor and fundraising information to AHSS schools/departments  Jennifer Garner

Communications and Marketing

AHSS events  Kristin Kemp Jan Ballard
  • Faculty Lecture Series
Jan Ballard  
  • Distinguished Speaker Series
Kristin Kemp Jan Ballard
  • Livingston Lecture
Kristin Kemp Jan Ballard
  • AHSS Graduation Events
Kristin Kemp Jan Ballard
AHSS visual identity Kristin Kemp  
AHSS website Jan Ballard  
AHSS weekly events e-mail announcement Jan Ballard  
DU & AHSS brand identity  Kristin Kemp  
E-calendar Jan Ballard  
Editor, expressions e-newsletter  Jan Ballard  
Graphic design for print, video and web  Christine Murphy Kristin Kemp
Marketing support to AHSS departments Kristin Kemp Jan Ballard
Promote faculty in the news Jan Ballard  


AHSS event promotion request form Jan Ballard
E-calendar Jan Ballard
TV monitor requests  Christine Murphy
Graphic design form Christine Murphy


AHSS phone directory for chairs & assistants Chanin Gates
AHSS website maintenance for faculty/staff pages  Chanin Gates
Annual computer refresh  Vanessa Baker
Dean's schedule & calendaring Chanin Gates
Departmental assistant support  Jeff Quinlisk
Faculty and staff listserv maintenance Chanin Gates
Conference room scheduling (SH 286) Quill Camp
Sturm Hall building liaison Quill Camp
Sturm Hall building swipe card access Quill Camp
Sturm Hall storage area maintenance  Quill Camp


AHSS committee elections for University and Divisional committees  Chanin Gates
AHSS Elected Faculty Committee (EFC) stewardship  Chanin Gates
Chairs & directors meetings Chanin Gates
Adjunct and 1-year lecturer hiring  Kristy Firebaugh
Faculty hiring  Chanin Gates
  • Tenure-track 
Chanin Gates
  • Lecturer hiring (new lines)
Chanin Gates
  • Lecturer renewals (continuing annually renewable)
Chanin Gates
  • Post-doctoral, research professor series, clinical professor series
Chanin Gates
Pre-tenure review Chanin Gates
Sabbaticals and AHSS mini-sabbaticals  Chanin Gates
Tenure & promotion  Chanin Gates


Adjunct and 1-year lecturer hiring requests Kristy Firebaugh
Adjunct hiring packets  Jeff Quinlisk
Faculty hiring forms & hiring packets  Chanin Gates
  • Tenure-track, lecturers, post-docs, research prof, clinical research prof
Pre-Tenure reviews Chanin Gates
Sabbaticals and AHSS Mini-Sabbaticals  Chanin Gates
  • Applications and reports
Chanin Gates
Tenure & Promotion materials Chanin Gates


Budgets/forecasting (AHSS & Departments) Keely Gohl  
Computer refresh  Vanessa Baker  
Contract entry support Jeff Quinlisk  
Departmental assistant support  Jeff Quinlisk  
Direct Pays  Vanessa Baker  
Financial Aid budgeting  Keely Gohl  
Gifts/endowments  Keely Gohl Jennifer Garner
Journal entries  Keely Gohl  
Month-end departmental reports Vanessa Baker  
Payment of invoices  Vanessa Baker  
Purchase requisitions/purchase orders Vanessa Baker
(general questions)
Keely Gohl
Purchasing card packets from select depts. Vanessa Baker  
Reimbursements Vanessa Baker  


Banner access request forms Jeff Quinlisk
Direct Pays Vanessa Baker
Financial Aid fund code requests Keely Gohl
Gift In-Kind forms Keely Gohl
New fund or new org requests  Keely Gohl
P-card packets from select depts. Vanessa Baker
P-card request forms  Vanessa Baker
Travel advances forms  Vanessa Baker


Academic exceptions petitions  Ingrid Tague
Adjunct and 1-year lecturer hiring Kristy Firebaugh
AHSS course schedules Kristy Firebaugh
AHSS Graduate admissions  Kristy Firebaugh
AI/SI credit transfer requests  Ingrid Tague
Arrange AHSS summer program  Kristy Firebaugh
Assessment  Ingrid Tague
Financial Aid budgeting for AHSS  Keely Gohl
Financial Aid awarding policies Kristy Firebaugh
Foreign Language (FOLA) equivalency course approvals  Ingrid Tague
Foreign Language (FOLA) list maintenance Ingrid Tague
Grade changes approval after departments  Ingrid Tague
Incompletes (over 1 year)  Ingrid Tague
Major/minor requirements changes Ingrid Tague
Strategic oversight of curriculum  Ingrid Tague
Student conduct, concerns, complaints  (Escalated undergraduate and graduate advising)  Ingrid Tague
Undergraduate and graduate curriculum & bulletins Ingrid Tague
Undergraduate quarterly orientations, registration, Discoveries Week Ingrid Tague


Course proposals Ingrid Tague
Course schedules Kristy Firebaugh


Departmental brand identity Samantha Mack
Graduate recruitment digital marketing Hillary Hutcherson
Graduate recruitment email campaigns Samantha Mack
Paid advertising Hillary Hutcherson
Remarketing Hillary Hutcherson
Search engine optimization Hillary Hutcherson
Social media marketing Hillary Hutcherson


External grant proposals before they go to OSRP Ingrid Tague
Graduate student professional development applications  Ingrid Tague
New Faculty Mentor Program Ingrid Tague
Research groups & workshops Ingrid Tague


AHSS graduate innovation grant proposals  Ingrid Tague
External grant proposals  Ingrid Tague
Grant applications  Chanin Gates, Ingrid Tague
  • CAMF grant, Internationalization grant, PROF grants
Chanin Gates, Ingrid Tague
  • Rosenberry Fund and Humanities Institute Travel Grants
Chanin Gates, Ingrid Tague
NEH Summer stipend applications  Ingrid Tague


Changes to employee status (faculty & staff)  Jeff Quinlisk
Departmental Assistant monthly training coordinator  Jeff Quinlisk
Departmental position posting approval for hiring (faculty and staff)  Keely Gohl
HR Liaison for AHSS Jeff Quinlisk
OpenHire system support Jeff Quinlisk
Payroll questions Jeff Quinlisk
PCR, LRF, BES, BECR paperwork submission Jeff Quinlisk
Salary & merit questions  Jeff Quinlisk
Timesheet approval  Jeff Quinlisk


Adjunct and 1-year lecturer hiring requests  Kristy Firebaugh
Adjunct hiring packets Jeff Quinlisk
GTA hiring  Jeff Quinlisk
Hand-check requests  Jeff Quinlisk
Non-benefited hire (on-line form)   Jeff Quinlisk
Payroll redistribution forms  Jeff Quinlisk
Position detail report  Jeff Quinlisk


Admissions workflow assistance Samantha Mack
  • University of Denver graduate student policies subject-matter expert
Kristy Firebaugh
AHSS Staff Liaison to the AHSS Student Advisory Council (SAC) TBD
AHSS student grantsHumanities Institute Summer Travel grant, Student Summer Internship grant Ingrid Tague
Coordinate elections process for SAC TBD
Graduate student professional development  TBD
Student recruitment and orientation activities; prospective student inquiries  TBD


Student grant applicationsHI Travel, Summer Internship  Ingrid Tague