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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)

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Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


Liberal arts education is at the heart of the University of Denver. Our faculty, staff and students come together in a shared quest for knowledge of the human condition.

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean of AHSS

 FALL 2017

Dean McIntoshWelcome to all of our new and returning students, faculty and staff.

With a new year, it is nice to see everyone back on campus busy with excitement and energy. However, we start the academic year in a time of anxiety for many given all of the events happening around us—devastating natural disasters, international instability, developing immigration policies, and strongly felt, deeply rooted national division.

At DU, rather than see these and other social issues as outside our bubble, we see them as opportunities to engage our students in solving problems, building community, and promoting the public good. I hope, as we begin this year, that we can be a model for our community in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to address these issues. We will integrate diversity and inclusion into everything that we do, initiate open—sometimes tough—conversations, and empower you, me, us all to take action.

In the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, we challenge our students to use thoughtful analysis and dialogue as tools to solve problems and improve our communities. With all that is occurring, I believe that, right now, there is more need than ever for us to support our students in developing the skills and values necessary to be active participants in the cultures and structures that influence and shape our everyday lives.

Our faculty weave research and creativity into their curriculum and guide students to reflective, experiential opportunities that equip them with ethical and cultural sensitivity, social and analytical skills, and the flexibility to adapt to evolving societal issues. As expert scholars and artists, our faculty bring their students closer to local and global communities through their own partnerships and collaborations.

Given the multidisciplinary nature of our programs, it’s no surprise that one third of all DU undergraduates major in the arts, humanities, or social sciences. We encourage students to experiment in a broad range of courses and learn through experience.

From service learning courses to study abroad, and internships to faculty-student research projects, our students see and experience the world from different perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of others.

We also work in tandem with Career Services to connect students with grad school and career advice, alumni mentors, internships and real-world job opportunities. Even outside the classroom, we are here to help our students succeed. Get to know your professors and support staff, make yourself at home in the AHSS Student Study Suite (Sturm 201), and don’t hesitate to contact the members of my office or me if you have any questions or comments.

Take care, take chances, be engaged, 

Danny McIntosh, Dean