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Department of Economics

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"May you live in interesting times!" — reputed to be an ancient Chinese curse.

These certainly do seem to be interesting times in which to be studying economics. The college students of today have discovered themselves to be living in a rather turbulent economic landscape, to say the least. As well, the political leadership and the electorate, and even the economics profession to some extent, seem to be having trouble agreeing on what to do about this.

Our program is one of a kind because our faculties take a broader view of what economics is about than is found in the average economics program in the U.S. We present alternative perspectives on historical and present-day relevance of our material. Our curricula encourage students not to take in received knowledge as the truth but to examine it and question it.

Here at the University of Denver students in economics seek to understand the social apparatus that governs the production and distribution of goods and services. Students inquire into the causes of the process of economic growth and development, both within and across nations, and examine its social impact. They study topics such as the availability and consequences of government policy alternatives, the relation of the financial markets to the economy, the impact of the increasing globalization of economic activities, or the interaction of the economy with both the natural and the social environment. They also study how economic theories have developed over time to address these various topics.