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Brandon Weiland 

Year Graduated: 2014

Thesis: Sustainable Farming versus Ethanol: A Comparison of Energy Use

Current Employer/University: Ph.D. Student in Energy, Environmental and Resource Economics at Purdue University

How did you become interested in studying Economics?
I had always been interested in reading economics and I wanted to use my strong mathematics background in a way that could benefit others.

Why did you choose to get an MA degree at DU?
DU is a highly considered school known for putting out quality research. 

What made you decide to pursue this degree?
I wanted to continue to do research and have a passion of teaching at the college level, and this allowed me to pursue both of these passions.

What knowledge and skills that you picked up in our MA program have proven most valuable to you in the program you are now enrolled in?
Math of Econ and Microeconomics at DU could not be better preparation for the courses at Purdue that lead to qualifying exams.  I do not worry about my microeconomics courses now because I have seen a lot of the problems previously. Every course I took at DU is beneficial to courses I am, or will take in the future, during my Ph.D.   

What did you enjoy most about the program at DU?
The professors at DU are amazing teachers who really want to make sure you understand the material and care about student learning.  This was a huge benefit since I came in with an informal understanding of the subject

What unique aspect of our program do you most appreciate now?
The size of the program made it easy to connect with professors and to get to know one another.  This really opens up opportunities because if there is someone you want to work on research with, either your thesis or research they are working on, it is easy to connect with that person and work together.

What was your favorite Class at DU?
My favorite course was Environmental Economics with Dr. Piovani.  I started my thesis research as part of a final project, and I was able to continue to work with Dr. Piovani after the course.  She helped develop my interest in the field of environmental economics, which helped lead me to where I am today.

What advice would you give to someone considering getting an MA in Economics from DU?
When I took started at DU, I was more interested in the financial area of economics, but after taking a policy course with Evers and environmental economics course with Piovani I began to think about the issues helped me write my thesis and led me to continue my studies at Purdue.  Know that any class you take, even if you do not think it applies to you, could change your outlook and the path you are going down.