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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Economics

Current Students

MA Graduate Degree

Current Students

To help prepare for success, fully acquaint yourself with the requirements for the master's degree. Please be sure to carefully review and fully understand the Office Of Graduate Education Graduate Policies and Procedures and comply with the Graduate Schedule of Deadlines.

We encourage close consultation with your advisor and the Department Chair to ensure that you are on track. You'll find this particularly important as you near the completion of your coursework and begin your thesis process.

Common Graduate Student Forms and Information

For more information see the Graduate Student Resources Page

Additional Assistance

For departmental assistance, please email the department program coordinator Jamie Dinneen . 

Do you need specific graduate student support/service/guidance? Looking for graduate student forms? Interested in upcoming seminars/events? Visit the AHSS Graduate Student page. Here, you will find resources for theses, continuous enrollment, transfers of credit, graduation, and more.