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Master of Arts Graduate Degree

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If you're looking for a career as a business or government economist, the University of Denver's MA in economics program offers excellent preparation. Our program helps you build the solid skills and respected credentials that employers want. The degree also prepares students for doctoral studies, particularly if they want to explore alternative approaches and develop further insights about economics before entering doctoral programs.

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Read about some of our alumni and their careers after DU.

Our department's strengths include:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Economics of money, banking and finance
  • Environmental economics
  • Health economics
  • International and development economics
  • Alternative approaches to economics
  • History of economic thought
  • Econometrics
  • Gender economics

We emphasize critical interaction with theory and the exploration of policy alternatives by posing and explaining the "why."In your courses and your individual research, you'll consider and reconsider economic theory and implications. With the practical skills you acquire, you'll delve deeper into the field. You will find your study of economics more interesting, meaningful and potentially theory-shifting.

Enjoy close collaborations with your professors and peers. For example, we host Friday seminars that provide a forum to both give and receive invaluable feedback on research and presentation skills.

The master's program is superb for students seeking careers in the private sector and within academia. Not only does one develop the necessary skill set in order to succeed, it is the perfect setting for interaction among students and faculty.
Dustin Page, Former MA Student 

The size of the program made it easy to connect with professors and to get to know one another.  This really opens up opportunities because if there is someone you want to work on research with, either your thesis or research they are working on, it is easy to connect with that person and work together
Brandon Weiland, 2015   

We welcome your questions. Please feel free to visit, email or call 303-871-2685. An appointment by phone or in person is best.