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Pete Compton 

Year Graduated: 2012

Thesis: Income Inequality in U.S. Metropolitan Areas: Which Areas Have the Greatest Inequality and Why?

Current Employer: Manager, Oil & Gas Consulting at Bentek Energy  

How did you become interested in studying Economics?
Economics touches everything!  History, sociology, mathematics, geopolitics, etc.  Macroeconomics, particularly the ways countries grow and flourish or fail to do so, has always been of great interest.

Why did you choose to get an MA degree at DU?
Location and life circumstances.  I desired to study economics and live in Denver, which left me with three options – DU, UCD, and CSU.  DU made the most logistical sense, but also attracted me because of its course of study flexibility heterodox approach.

What knowledge and skills that you picked up in our MA program have proven most valuable to your job?
Econometrics, data-driven research, big-picture critical thinking.

What did you enjoy most about the program at DU?
Thesis research.  I benefited from researching a topic of great interest to me and received just enough direction from my advisor.

What unique aspect of our program do you most appreciate now?
The program’s atypical, outside-the-box approach to examining commonly studied economic phenomena.

What was your favorite Class at DU?
European Economic History due to personal interest of western civilization and modern European history, as well as Robert Urquhart’s excellent lecturing.

What advice would you give to someone considering getting an MA in Economics from DU?
Consider and establish some concrete direction regarding what you want to do after the MA program, even if it changes during the program.  When choosing electives and thesis topic, consider options with regard toward this direction.