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Rachel Hartgen 

Year Graduated: 2011

Thesis: Transmission Linked To Structural Vulnerability: How Low-Income Countries Endured The Great Recession

Current Employer: Executive Director at S.O.U.L. Foundation

How did you become interested in studying Economics?
As a Rotary Scholar in Central America, I became interested in the role and importance of women’s economic development. 

Why did you choose to get an MA degree at DU?
DU offered me the flexibility to get a dual degree as well as largely design my own program. 

What knowledge and skills that you picked up in our MA program have proven most valuable to your job?
Statistics, economic theory, writing and analytical skills.

What did you enjoy most about the program at DU?
Small class size and the ability to take a variety of courses. I also enjoyed the opportunity to be a TA. 

What unique aspect of our program do you most appreciate now?
Small class size-I got close to my classmates and had a chance to learn from each of the professors. 

What was your favorite Class at DU? 
International Economics provided a lot of understanding behind many of the complex global issues I come across in my career. 

What advice would you give to someone considering getting an MA in Economics from DU?
It will provide you with a strong theoretical and analytical background for a variety of jobs out there.