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Markus Schneider

  Markus P.A. Schneider

  Assistant Professor
  Sturm Hall 242
  Phone: 303-871-2146



Professional Biography

I was born in Berlin, Germany, but moved to California during middle school.  After receiving my BS in Aerospace engineering, I spent two years working as an engineer in Southern California before deciding to attend a graduate program in economics at the New School for Social Research in New York.  I started teaching at the University of Denver in 2009.

Areas of expertise/Research interests

  • Income Distribution / Income Inequality
  • Bayesian Econometrics
  • Econophysics


PhD in Economics from the New School for Social Research (2010)


I am involved in a number of empirical projects that all connect to back to economic inequality.  In 2013, I published a paper on the differences in how changing inequality is experience by different groups in the U.S.   Currently, I am working on a paper (with Dr. Yasar) that looks at the relationship between economic inequality and health, as well as several projects that add to our fundamental understanding of how inequality has changed in the U.S. and why.  I am also developing relevant econometric techniques to better address specific issues with publicly available distributional data.


ECON 1020, Micro -and Macroeconomics I: History and Theory
ECON 2020, Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON 3670, Econometrics
ECON 3580, Mathematics for Economists
ECON 4030, Advanced Microeconomics

Additional Links

For more information about my research and publications, please see:
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