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2019 J. Fagg Foster Awards Ceremony

Every year, the Department of Economics honors outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate students at the J Fagg Foster Awards Ceremony. In 2019, this ceremony took place on May 10th in the Craig Hall community room on the University of Denver campus.

Award Ceremony slide and table

This ceremony is named for the beloved economics professor, the late J. Fagg Foster.Dr. Foster served as a faculty member at the University of Denver in the Department of Economics for three decades. He became an economist because he judged that economics was the discipline in which the most serious theoretical thinking had occurred, directed to the most fundamental practical problem of human understanding. Professor Foster defined economics as the study of how the means of life and experience are provided. He spent his career trying to replace misunderstandings of human behavior that contaminate economic theory and practice, as well as scientific inquiry at large. In his three decades at the University of Denver between 1946 and 1976, he taught generations of students his institutional interpretation of political economy. Foster's comparative, historical approach to the study of economics influenced countless students with enthusiasm for the world of ideas.




Allie giving Speach

Former award winner and current graduate student, Allie Coulter, delivered the speech honoring Dr. Foster at the event.

David Schwakhart

Every year, the ceremony features and honored lecturer to present their ideas. This year, we have the opportunity to hear from Dr. David Schweickart. Dr. David Schweickart is a professor of Philosophy at Loyola University in Chicago. Dr. Schweickart presented his lecture "Marx's Democratic Critique of Capitalism and its implications for a Stable, Sustainable, Democratic, Marxist Market Socialism."


J. Fagg Foster Award Recipients 

Because of the strength of the undergraduate class of 2019, the Department of Economics award a total of six J. Fagg Foster Awards. This award is given to students who have demonstrated excellence in the undergraduate study of economics.

Brenn Anderson-GregsonBrenn Anderson-Gregson, one of our winners, double majored in economics and geography with minors in both mathematics and leadership. His interests are in urban planning and urban economics, especially urban black-markets. His future goals include working in urban planning in Denver and pursuing a graduate degree in urban planning or a related field. 

Marcus DockertyMarcus Dockerty, our second award winner, double majored in economics and political science during his time at DU. His interests include macroeconomics focusing on international economics and monetary theory and policy. He hopes to continue conducting research in economics and eventually obtain his PhD after working in the field for a few years. 

Jacquelyn EnglishJacquelyn English studied public policy and economics during her undergraduate studies at DU. After graduating, Jacquelyn accepted a full time offer to work with a public sector budget consultancy firm called ResourceX after having interned there for the last year. Her biggest passion is working for local government and she aspires to become a City Manager in the future. To pursue this goal, Jacquelyn plans on attending NYU in the Fall of 2020 in order to obtain her Master's Degree in Public Administration.

Elizabeth LochheadElizabeth Lochhead is another award winner who double majored in both public policy and economics. Additionally, Elizabeth pursued a minor in math. She is most interested in  urban economics topics with a particular interest in housing economics. Her undergraduate research has focused on housing displacement and homelessness prevention. Next year, she will be at Tufts University for a joint M.S. program in economics and urban planning.

Samuel PargamentSamuel Pargament, our fifth winner, has several interests in economics including heterodox theory, environmental economics, health economics, and developmental economics. After graduation, he hopes to work in management or life science consulting. 

Ryan TaylorRyan Taylor, our final award winner, states that his interests in economics are "basically everything." After graduation, Ryan will be attending law school here at DU and hopes to eventually become a legal consultant for the NFL or NBA using economics and law as the foundational tools to do so. 

Satish Raichure Award

In additional the the J. Fagg Foster Award, the Department of Economics awards the Satish Raichure award for a graduate students who has demonstrated excellence in the study of Political Economy.

Prof. Raichur was Department Chair when he suddenly died of a heart attack in June 1980 at the untimely age of 34. Satish received his Econ M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh; he liked the ethnic diversity of Pittsburgh. He was devoted to the diversity of cultures and of ideas, which led to his dedication to this Department's being a home for the consideration of alternative ideas in economics.

Sumyia SaifThis year, the Satish Raichure award was presented to second year graduate student, Sumaiya Saif. Sumaiya comes to us from Bangladesh. Her research interests are economic development and trade. After receiving her degree, Sumaiya will be working for Common Sense Policy Roundtable in Denver as a Research Analyst. 



Omicron Delta Epsilon 

In addition to presenting awards to seven outstanding students, the department of economics inducted 19 undergraduate and graduate students into the Omicron Delta Epsilon International Economics Honor Society. These students have demonstrated excellence in their study of economics by earning at least a 3.0 GPA in their economics course of study, as well as an overall GPA of at least 3.0. 

Past Award Winners

J.Fagg Foster Award

The J. Fagg Foster Award, named for a beloved professor of economics at the University of Denver, is awarded to undergraduate students who have demonstrated excellence in their study of economics.

2008 Award Winners
2009 Award Winner
2010 Award Winner
              Elizabeth Hansen                 Michael O. Sajovetz                 Evan M. Corzine
              Logan Mrtin                                    
              Tomas Merrill                                    
2011 Award Winners
2012 Award Winners
2013 Award Winners
              Reina Gong                 Caitlin Hendee                 Samuel Kauffman
               Kyle J. McDonald                 Sarah McEahern                 Zachary Gonzales
2014 Award Winners
2015 Award Winners
2016 Award Winners
              Anita Balakrishnan                 Alexandra Coulter                 Xinghang Lu
              Deshae Gehr                 Thomas Tarler                 Madeline Doering
               Lily Montesano                                   Alexandra Hoffman
2017 Award Winner
2018 Award Winners
2019 Award Winners
              Bryce Anderson-Gregson                 Morgan Smith                 Brenn Anderson-Gregson
                                 Sydney Donati-Leach                 John "Marcus" Dockerty
                                                  Jacquelyn English
                                                  Elizabeth Lochhead
                                                  Samuel Pargament
                                                  Ryan Taylor


Edmund Barbour Award

The Edmund Barbour Award is presented to students who demonstrate outstanding work in the field of economics during their first year of graduate studies.

2014 Award Winner
2015 Award Winner
              Geshan Sun                 Danyi Wang
2016 Award Winner
2018 Award Winner
              Chen "Cassie" Chen                 Sumaiya Saif

Satish Raichur Award

The Satish Raichur Award is presented to graduate students who have demonstrated excellence in the study of political economy.

2008 Award Winner
2009 Award Winner
2010 Award Winner
              Edgar Luna                 Luisa Sanchez de Tagle                 Rachel F. Hartgen
2011 Award Winners
2012 Award Winner
2013 Award Winners
              Marcus C. Fresques                 Alexander Spray                 Nichole Alexander
              Dustin J. Page                                   Sira Nukulkit
2014 Award Winner
2015 Award Winner
2016 Award Winner
              Kyle Glenn                 Matthew Silva                 Danyi Wang
2017 Award Winners
2019 Award Winner
              Chen "Cassie" Chen                 Sumaiya Saif                  
              Elen Murvanidze                                    


Alonzo B. May Award

The Alonzo B. May Award is presented to students who have demonstrated outstanding work in the BSBA program. 

2008 Award Winner
2009 Award Winner
                Jordan DeHerra                 Luke E. David
2010 Award Winner
2011 Award Winner
                Cullen D. Murphy                 Tyler R. Vance
2012 Award Winner
2013 Award Winner
                Drew Dondelinger                 Laura Newman