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College of Arts, Humanities & Social SciencesEmergent Digital Practices

BA degree

Areas of Study

Bachelor of Arts in Emergent of Digital Practices

The Bachelor of Arts in Emergent Digital Practices at the University of Denver is a deep exploration of the ways technology plays multiple roles in our lives. But the EDP BA major is more than just an understanding, as students must also learn to create with digital tools.

Points of Distinction

B.A. students are encouraged to find synergy between EDP and their second major, minor or dual-degree program.

B.A. students learn to synthesize ideas and practices from across the spectrum of historical and contemporary contexts, focusing not just on making the new, but making the needed. These could include learning to:

  • Consider the role of virtual 3D conference spaces for international diplomacy
  • Create online games to assist new immigrants in the learning of customs and the process of living in a new place
  • Explore the role of sound in creating therapeutic environments

Potential future opportunities for students graduating from EDP include:

  • Interaction Designer
  • Open Hardware Creator
  • Open Software Designer
  • Multi-touch Display Architect
  • Art Director (technical to creative liaisons)
  • Sound Designer
  • Technology Critic
  • Humane Game Designer/Developer
  • Interactive Exhibition Designer
  • Art Administrator
  • Art Buyer
  • Art Consultant
  • Artist's Agent
  • Gallery Owner


There are two options for a B.A. in Emergent Digital Practices:  A 60-credit option (for current students only who have previously requested this option), and a 48-credit option. Both options must also have a minor, second major, or dual-degree in another discipline.

B.A. in Emergent Digital Practices (60 credits)

  • 24 Foundations credits required
  • 4 EDP Cultures credits
  • 24 Upper Division EDP Elective credits
  • 8 Capstone credits (4 credits 3230 Interaction & Collaboration; 4 credits 3990 Capstone)

B.A. in Emergent Digital Practices (48 credits)

  • 16 Foundations credits required
  • 8 EDP Cultures credits
  • 20 Upper Division EDP Elective credits
  • 4 Capstone credits (EDPX 3990 Capstone, Senior Year)

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B.A. 60 Credit Advising Sheet

B.A. 48 Credit Advising Sheet