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College of Arts, Humanities & Social SciencesEmergent Digital Practices

BFA Degree Programs

Areas of Study

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Emergent of Digital Practices

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Emergent Digital Practices at the University of Denver builds on the same foundation as the B.A. and extends into a Fine Arts focused practice. The higher number of credits means that the student will typically not have a second major; instead they will delve deeper into the history, theory, and creativity of digital technologies.

Points of Distinction

The B.F.A. student will also be prepared for public engagement through a knowledge of the significance of established cultural institutions and frameworks such as:

  • galleries
  • museums
  • festivals
  • and other public spaces

The B.F.A. student will learn to develop and organize emerging venues for the exhibition of and public engagement with experimental works of art and digital media.

Potential future opportunities for students graduating from EDP include:

  • Interaction Designer
  • Audio/Visual Performance Artist
  • Open Hardware Creator
  • Open Software Designer
  • Installation Artist
  • Multi-touch Display Architect
  • Art Director (technical to creative liaisons)
  • Sound Designer
  • Humane Game Designer/Developer
  • Interactive Exhibition Designer
  • 3-D Model Maker


B.F.A. in Emergent Digital Practices (116/135 credits)

  • 24 Foundations credits required
  • 16 additional topical/critical/historical credits (4 EDP Cultures credits; 8 Art History credits; 4 credits outside EDP or ARTH)
  • 48 Upper Division EDP Elective credits
  • 16 Upper Division credits from Studio Arts, Art History, Comp Sci, or Media, Film & Journalism Studies
  • 12 Capstone credits (4 credits 3230 Interaction & Collaboration; 8 credits 3990 Capstone)

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