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Master of Arts in Emergent Digital Practices

The EDP M.A. degree at the University of Denver is unique in that it is designed for students to develop and combine their technical, critical, and aesthetic skills. It is structured to build on the knowledge of a field or fields that students studied in their undergraduate degree programs and/or have explored professionally. Over the course of their work toward the M.A., students explore the consequences and possibilities that arise from the inclusion of technology within that field.

The M.A. student should also be able to synthesize knowledge of ideas and practices from across the spectrum of historical and contemporary contexts, focusing not just on making the new, but making the needed. The M.A. student's work should demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate the cultural dynamics of emergent digital practices. Each student is required to complete a thesis, which includes both a paper and a project.

The M.A. degree is designed around a 2-year structure with 2 courses being taken during each of the three regular quarters per year. It is not unusual for students to be able to have a part time job (up to 20 hours/week) and still be successful in the program.

Potential future opportunities for students graduating from EDP include:

  • Interaction Designer
  • Open Hardware Creator
  • Open Software Designer
  • Multi-touch Display Architect
  • Art Director (technical to creative liaisons)
  • Sound Designer
  • Technology Critic
  • Humane Game Designer/Developer
  • Interactive Exhibition Designer
  • Doctoral Program candidate


M.A. in Emergent Digital Practices (48 credits)

  • 12 Graduate Foundations credits required
  • 24 EDP Electives (at least one EDP Studio and at least one EDP Cultures)
  • 4 Research Methods credits
  • 4-8 M.A. Project credits (EDPX 5850 MA Project) or 4-8 M.A. Thesis credits (EDPX 5800 MA Thesis)

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