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College of Arts, Humanities & Social SciencesEmergent Digital Practices

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Master of Fine Arts in Emergent Digital Practices

M.F.A. students are expected to create art that combines innovative technology with critical reflection in a publicly engaged way.  Students should be able to articulate an in-depth understanding of historical and contemporary overlap among the fields of arts, technology and sciences, while also demonstrating an understanding of emergent digital practices within interdisciplinary contexts. The program will prepare students to engage with cultural institutions such as galleries, museums, festivals, and other public spaces at a professional level.

The M.F.A. Degree is structured as a 3-year program with students taking 2-3 courses during each of the three normal quarters per year. It is recommended that students pursuing the M.F.A. degree are able to focus full time on their studies without simultaneous employment.  The M.F.A. degree is considered a "terminal degree" providing the necessary credentials to teach at an institute of higher education.

The M.F.A. culminates in the creation and public showcase of a significant body of work coupled with an analytical paper that describes the overall concepts of the work and contextualizes it within an appropriate artistic and theoretical framework. All M.F.A. students must have a public solo exhibition of work created during their tenure in the program. The final major paper should engage with the work created for their exhibit. 

Potential future opportunities for students graduating from EDP include:

  • Interaction Designer
  • Audio/Visual Performance Artist
  • Open Hardware Creator
  • Open Software Designer
  • Installation Artist
  • Multi-touch Display Architect
  • Art Director (technical to creative liaisons)
  • Sound Designer
  • Technology Critic
  • Humane Game Designer/Developer
  • Interactive Exhibition Designer
  • Doctoral Program candidate
  • Academic positions in New & Emerging Media
  • Professional Artist
  • Commissioned Artist (public & private)
  • Art Exhibition Coordinator
  • Curator / Assistant Curator
  • Art Administrator
  • Art Consultant
  • Gallery Owner


M.F.A. in Emergent Digital Practices (92 credits)

  • 12 Graduate Foundations credits required
  • 24 Art History/Grad Seminar/Grad EDP Cultures (12 hours of ARTH maximum, Contemporary Art History required)
  • 20 4000-level EDP Studio/Make credits
  • 4 Research Methods credits
  • 20 Grad Critique credits
  • 12 M.F.A. Exhibition credits (EDPX 5900 MFA Exhibition)

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