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College of Arts, Humanities & Social SciencesEmergent Digital Practices

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Areas of Study

Minor in Emergent Digital Practices

The Emergent Digital Practices Minor brings the power of basic technical know-how and critical sensibility to your Major. Leverage digital ideas to infuse 21st century methodologies into your other areas of interest, better preparing you for either the marketplace or future academic studies in any discipline. The exploration and creativity of the EDP minor will help to make sure you are ready to shift with our rapidly changing future.

Points of distinction

  • Combine knowledge and practice in digital technologies
  • Read and discuss the history/present/future of technology
  • Understand the ideas, from fictional speculation to theories, that shape the technological world we live in
  • Hands-on learning will provide insight into how and why our digital environment is formed the way it is

The EDP Minor can compliment nearly every major at DU with combinations such as:

  • Social Media Archaeologist
  • Technical Marketing Consultant
  • Digital Sculptor


The EDP Minor requires a broad base of foundational classes combined with curricular space to go deeper on a specific topic. Whether you choose the Internet, performance, or expanded cinema, you create a pathway that connects the best to your Major.

Minor in Emergent Digital Practices (24 credits)

  • 4 EDPX Cultures credits

  • 12 EDP Foundations credits (choose 3 from the following):
    • EDPX 2000 Imaging in Emergent Digital Practices
    • EDPX 2100 Codes in Emergent Digital Practices
    • EDPX 2300 Systems in Emergent Digital Practices
    • EDPX 2400 Time in Emergent Digital Practices
  • 8 EDPX Elective credits
Bachelor of Arts in Game Development students with a minor in Emergent Digital Practices:
  • May not count EDPX 3600 3D Modeling or ARTS 1250 Drawing toward satisfying the Emergent Digital Practices minor as they are required cognates of the Game Development major

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