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Undergraduate Spotlights

We caught up with some of EDP's undergraduates to see what projects they have been working on, what they plan on doing next, and to hear advice they would give to incoming EDP students. 

Eric Schneider, BFA 2013

In EDP, we were always taught to strive and create with technology that pushes the boundaries of both art and design - in doing so, we set the path for the world to follow.This caused me to dream big, which is exactly my approach during the ideation and conceptualization phases of my designs; everything is achievable in some fashion. Advice? Never stop moving, adapting, and creating. Current work? My official title at Chaotic Moon is Creative Technologist, Hardware. I am one half of the two-person team that makes up the creation end of BASE (standing for BadAsS Experiments). We build creative, inspiring, and cutting-edge solutions for problems that align to our clients' current and coming needs alongside the studio’s vision for the future of technology. The drones that were covered on CNN ended up being one of 3 projects we launched during SXSW; Tyrone Drone was my primary project from ideation to execution. Lessons from this experience? The iteration process moves and evolves to each specific project, constantly transforming past completion - being realistic about timetables and expectations is key. Never undersell yourself while at the same time being careful of overselling yourself. Future goals? Eventually I would like to open up my own, service-based, hardware-specific  technology and design studio, or travel the world. Whichever path I choose, a 3D  printer will be involved and I can promise you I will always be designing and  creating. Upcoming projects? One of my main goals this year is to build one project a week, many of which will be open-sourced experiments or  papers. The Orchard is a collaborative installation in which Chaotic Moon and Gensler  Austin teamed up to create a 30-foot-tall pneumatic tree installation providing an  interactive experience with light and sound. I focused on both hardware and  interaction design for this project. Fitcoin was an idea that Matt and I came up with, starting with a single question,  “What if there was a way that fitness wearables could translate into bitcoin  mining?” So we answered that question with Fitcoin. Fitcoin measures the  length and intensity of your workout and translates that into CPU time -  chomping away at a blockchain.

Eric Schneider Drone


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 Wearables - Fall 2012



 Advanced Video - Fall 2011


Site Specific Design - Fall 2011



Video Art Spring 2011

Video Art Spring 2010

Live Cinema 

Live Cinema Performance for the Digital Cinema Studies class with professor Trace Reddell.

Students created three 5-8 minute videos working in the genre of visual music, ambient video, video painting, or sonic visualizer for a projected space. The video was then remixed
live by three students and or the professor on three projection screens.