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College of Arts, Humanities & Social SciencesEmergent Digital Practices

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Emergent Digital Practices News and Events

Trace Reddell

EDP Professor TRACE REDDELL's book "The Sound of Things to Come. An Audible History of the Science Fiction Film" hits bookstores on Monday, October 15th! 

For more information, please click here. 

Laleh Mehran

The Interstitium (Site-Specifiic Interactive Installation)
Opening: September 21, 2018 (on view through Spring 2019)
The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA

Emergent Digital Practices Professor LALEH MEHRAN will be featured in an exhibition at The Mattress Factory, an acclaimed installation art museum, in which "each artist will create a new, site-specific, room-sized installation for the exhibition. Several installations will include opportunities for direct visitor interaction."

Participating artists include OSGEMEOS, (aka Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo), from São Paolo, Brazil; Karina Smigla-Bobinski from Munich, Germany; Earl Kofmehl III from Pittsburgh, PA and Christina A. West from Atlanta, GA

Please click here to visit Laleh Mehran's website.

Please click here to visit the Mattress Factory's website. 

miwa matreyek

Thursday, May 24, 2018
2 PM
C-Cubed Studios
Shwayder Art Building, 2nd Floor
University of Denver

Coming from a background in animation by way of collage, Miwa creates live, staged performances where she interacts with her animations as a shadow silhouette at the cross section of cinematic and theatrical, fantastical and tangible, illusionistic and physical.

morehshin allahyari

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
2 PM
C-Cubed Studios
Shwayder Art Building, 2nd Floor
University of Denver

Morehshin's work deals with the political, social, and cultural contradictions we face every day. She thinks about technology as a philosophical toolset to reflect on objects and as a poetic means to document our personal and collective lives and struggles in the 21st century.

raven kwok

Thursday, May 10, 2018
2 PM
C-Cubed Studios
Shwayder Art Building, 2nd Floor
University of Denver

Raven is a visual artist, animator, and creative programmer, whose artistic and research interest mainly focus on exploring generative visual aesthetic brought by computer algorithms and software processes.

brannon dorsey

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
2 PM
C-Cubed Studios
Shwayder Art Building, 2nd Floor
University of Denver

Brannon is an artist, programmer, and researcher who uses technology and reproducible electronic media to navigate difficult terrain. He employs open software tools to create experiences that excite and empower individuals and collaborative communities rather than create passive users/consumers.

Nick briz

Tuesday, May 1,2018
2 PM
C-Cubed Studios
Shwayder Art Building, 2nd Floor
University of Denver

Nick is a new media artist / educator / organizer living and working in Chicago, IL. He is critically obsessed with the internet and all his work is related to digital culture, specifically digital literacy and ecology, netizen rights, glitch art, net art, remix.

Lauren mccarthy

Thursday, April 19, 2018
2 PM
C-Cubed Studios
Shwayder Art Building, 2nd Floor
University of Denver

Lauren's work explores social and technological systems for being a person and interacting with other people. She makes software performances, videos, and other things on the internet.  She is the creator of p5js.

composites collective: claudina Sarahe

Sarahe 3

Thursday, October 12, 2017
C-Cubed Studios
Shwayder Art Building, 2nd Floor
University of Denver

Creatively re:imagining our futures using on/offline participatory models and tools.  They are one-half of a New York City based collective that operates at the intersection of design and technology, behavioral sciences, and society. Composites Collective uses dynamic systems theories, research and analysis of social structure, and art and design to transform organizations.
In this talk, we will explore ways that we can re:organize and re:figure ourselves to create more adaptive, responsive, and inclusive societies. Drawing from fieldwork and experiments in Taiwan and NYC, as well as cybernetics, we propose that we can use participatory models to help re:imagine and re:shape society. We will look at the role both on and offline tools can facilitate to help us bring into practices new modes of being together on a present, future, speculative time continuum.

EDP BFA - BA exhibition!

Thursday, May 18, 2017, 5-8PEDP FFS - BA Exhibition poster
C-Cubed Studios
Shwayder Art Building, 2nd Floor
University of Denver



2017 EDP WORKSHOP Series

Announcing a workshop series for the 2017 Winter & Spring quarters. These short 2-hour workshops are designed as hands-on introductions on various topics chosen by the EDP community and are open to the DU and Denver public.

Bring your laptop!

All times and locations are the same (unless otherwise noted).

2:00-4:00 pm every other Sunday
EDP C-Cubed Studios

Shwayder Art Building, 2nd floor

  • February 12Realtime Interaction: An Intro to OpenFrameworks
    OF is a C++Creative Coding Toolkit like processing
  • February 26Underground AV: Setting up Speakers and Projectors
    A/V tech theory and setup for small/midsize shows. No computers required.
  • April 9: Micro Orchestra: Electroacoustic Laptop Performance using PureData.
    Intro, practice, & performance. Bring interesting things & materials that make noise.
  • April 23:  I Want to Be a Hacker! Intro to using the Commandline.
    Learn to do cool & useful stuff the old school way, no GUI required!
  • May 7:  Fake My Reality: Using VR Creation Tools.
    Using Max/MSP, Unity, OpenFrameworks, and associated VR tools.
  • May 21:  Making iOS Apps: Intro to Xcode and Swift.
    No OpenFrameworks or Unity, just straight-upXcode.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017
A Lecture by Irene Posch, 4:00-5:00P
Shwayder Art Building, 2nd Floor
@ University of Denver
Free and open to the public

Irene Posch will talk about her research and practice at the nexus of craft and computation. Her investigations deal with the assumed nature and given form of the technologies surrounding us. She actively questions them through considering manual textile crafts as possible fabrication methods for electronic and computational artifacts, investigating the tools needed as well as the objects and interactions emerging from them. The talk will introduce examples and potential scenarios around textile electronics as complement to contemporary maker cultures and infrastructures.



Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Pop-Up Exhibition 11A-3P
Performance & Discussion 4-5:30P
Shwayder Art Building, 2nd Floor
@ University of Denver

ARIADNE is an a/v experimental sacred music duo based in Brooklyn, New York, comprised of Christine Lanx and Benjamin Forest. With a focus on interspersing the ritualism of ancient spirituality and the secular iconography of the postmodern, ARIADNE flawlessly bridge the two worlds through their intricate musical compositions, striking digital visuals, and captivating live performances.



Thursday, October 6, 2016, 4-5P
Shwayder Art Building, Rm 225
@ University of Denver
(free and open to the public)

Oynx Ashanti is an artist, musician, designer, & thinker working within the realm of performance, digital fabrication, open source philosophy, & music theory. With background experience as a street musician, Ashanti designs and develops his own software, electronics, and 3d printed hardware to create an entirely custom & open source wearable cybernetic performance system. He calls his original blend of jazz, electronics, & cybernetics "BeatJazz" and has lectured and performed in Europe, the US, and Asia on both the TED & TEDx stages as well as at Moogfest, Berkeley's CNMAT (Center for New Music & Technology), and for MAKE Magazine.

Onyx will also be performing Friday, October 7, at AutumnLEAF2016.

Tech tuesdays

Don't miss the latest tech demos and discussion Tuesdays 4-4:45P
C-Cubed Studios (top floor of Shwayder Art Building)

3/22/16 - 3D Scanner Tablets
3/29/16 - Photogrammetry
4/5/16 - 3D Laser Scanner
4/12/16 - Intro to the commandline on OSX using
4/19/16 - Homebrew: installing open source apps & libraries in Terminal
4/26/16 - Youtube-dl: Downloading content from Youtube, Vimeo, etc in Terminal
5/3/16 - Gamepad Hacking 101 (or Don't Use an Arduino unless You Have To)
5/10/16 - Joyosc: Plug & play gamepad events over OSC
5/17/16 - Making a web Portfolio
5/24/16 - What's a Raspberry PI/embedded computer & what can I do with it?

Johannes Grenzfurthner: context hacking

Johannes Grenzfurthner

A lecture/performance by award-winning Austrian artist Johannes Grenzfurthner
March 2nd, 2016  7-8P
Shwayder Art Building, Rm 220 @ University of Denver
(free and open to the public)

The term "context hacking" - like its older mimetic sibling "communication guerrilla" - refers to unconventional forms of communication and/or intervention in more conventional processes of communication. Context hacking is a specific style of political action drawing from a watchful view of the paradoxes and absurdities of power, turning these into the starting point for interventions by playing with representations and identities, with alienation and over-identification.

Context hacking transfers the hackers' objectives and methods to the network of social relationships in which artistic production occurs,
and upon which it is dependent. In a metaphoric sense, these relationships also have a source code. Programs run in them, and our interaction with them is structured by a user interface. When we know how a space, a niche, a scene, a subculture or a media or political practice functions, we can change it and »recode« it, deconstructing its power relationships and emancipating ourselves from its compulsions and packaging guidelines.

Johannes Grenzfurthner will present some projects by monochrom, a worldwide operating collective from Vienna dealing with technology, art, and philosophy that was founded in 1993. The group specializes in an unpeculiar mixture of proto-aesthetic fringe work, pop attitude, subcultural science, and political activism.


Don't miss the latest tech demos and discussion Tuesdays 4-4:45P
C-Cubed Studios (top floor of Shwayder Art Building)

1/5/16 - Zortrax Printer
1/12/16 - Taz Printer
1/19/16 - What is Git & GitHub?
1/26/16 - Wireless Networking Basics for Performance/Installations
2/2/16 - CANCELLED (DU closed, snow day)
2/9/16 - Gluing apps & computers together with Open Sound Control
2/16/16 - OF Intro
2/23/16 - Intro to Pure Data aka "Open Source Max" (or PD for Max users)
3/1/16 - libpd: Pure Data as an embeddable audio engine

Art collections, technology, & the museum

David Newbury

Lecture by David Newbury
February 17th, 2016  4-5P
C-Cubed Studios (top floor of Shwayder Art  Building)
@ University of Denver
(free and open to the public) 

What does it mean to be a museum in the world of Google and Wikipedia?

For hundreds of years, art museums have been vast repositories of cultural heritage, storing and preserving priceless artifacts for their communities.

As part of that, they have captured vast stores of information about these works. What happens when these vast collections enter the internet age, and 19th century practices come up against 21st century expectations?

David Newbury will discuss open data, linked data, visualization, best practices, and the ever-present requirements of conservation, access, and rights management. He will also discuss how he is handling these topics as a creative developer at the Carnegie Museum of Art, as well as discuss other leaders in the field like the Cooper Hewett, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Rijksmuseum.

How to Internet: The Magic Words™

How to Internet: The Magic of Words TM

Workshop by David Newbury
February 17th, 2016  1-3P
C-Cubed Studios (top floor of Shwayder Art Building)
@ University of Denver
(free and open to the public)

Are you creative? Do you internet? Would you like to internet better? Do
you wish that you knew how to get started building things for and on the internet?

David Newbury will give an overview of the technologies used on the internet, how they're used, why they're valuable, and how they fit
together. He will teach the "Magic Words™": what a Node is (and isn't),
what belongs in Flask, where Sinatra fits in. He will also demo some of
the technologies, and, most importantly, tell you what you *don't* need
to know.

After the workshop you'll be able to Stack Overflow your way to internet success!

Support Provided by the Marsico Visiting Scholars Fund



Emergent Digital Practices is excited to announce the hosting of the
first openFrameworks Education Summit, February 18-21, 2016!

The openFrameworks Education Summit will bring together Artists & Educators from the University of Denver, Carnegie Mellon University, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The School for Poetic Computation, Parsons School of Design, Penn State, The School for the Visual Arts, Microsoft, Carnegie Museum of Art, and internationally from Vienna Austria, and Dresden Germany. Over the four days the participants will work together to produce and improve the educational materials for the open-source creative coding tool openFrameworks. This will improve the approachability of openFrameworks as well as help students around the world learn how to create with this powerful digital arts and design tool.

Creative Coding Roundtable - 3P February 19th, 2016
C-cubed Studios (top floor of Shwayder Art Building)
@ University of Denver
(free & open to the public)

Come and discuss issues surrounding creative coding with some of the participants of the openFrameworks education Summit, including diversity, accessibility, limitations, opportunities, and future directions.

Participants in the Summit Include:

Golan Levin Anika Wilcox Nicole Messier Stacey Mulcahy Sarah Howorka Christopher Baker Deborah Schmidt Charlotte Stiles David Newbury Caroline Record Dan Wilcox Jeff Gray Andrew Hieronymi Caitlin Morris Sarah Groff-Palermo Zach Lieberman Brannon Dorsey Chris Coleman

Support Provided By:

The Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Division @ DU, Emergent Digital Practices @ DU, The Marsico Visiting Scholars Fund, The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Art and Technology Studies Department

For more info email:

Tim Stutts

Guest speaker Tim Stutts

Lecture by Tim Stutts
November 12th, 2015  1-2P
C-Cubed Studios (top floor of Shwayder Art Building)
@ University of Denver
(free and open to the public)

Please join us and our guest speaker Tim Stutts. Tim designs and develops compelling applications and experiences with a focus on user interface, data visualization, and motion graphics. He currently works for the Cognitive Visualization Lab in Cambridge, MA.

Check out Tim's work here:




MOMENTUM: Women/Art/Technology

Forum Oct 22nd, 2015 7P
C-Cubed Studios (top floor of Shwayder Art Building)
@ University of Denver
(free and open to the public)

Momentum is an international endeavor celebrating the work of women art professionals who use technology as The theme of this Momentum is empowerment – each of the visiting scholars enables opportunities for others to create, flourish and share with their various communities.

Visiting Scholars

Cat Mazza, Associate Professor of Art at University of Massachusetts, Boston

Jennifer Jacobs, PhD candidate at the MIT Media Lab in the Lifelong Kindergarten Research Group

Daisy McGowan, Director of the Galleries of Contemporary Art at the University
of Colorado in Colorado Springs  

Lindsay Levkoff, Director of Education at SparkFun Electronics

Background of Momentum
Momentum was originally conceived and curated by Muriel Magenta, Professor of Art at Arizona State University. Momentum has held presentations at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Brooklyn Museum and the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in New York, the College Art Association in Los Angeles, and at the Arizona State University Art Museum in Tempe, AZ. Here is a link to a brief overview of the event at the Whitney 

Movie Mondays

Spring 2015 Schedule:
Join us for video/film "shorts" screenings Mondays at 5pm
HyperCube (top floor of Shwayder) 

Winter 2015 Schedule:
Join us for video/film "shorts" screenings Mondays at 5pm
HyperCube (top floor of Shwayder)

Fall 2014 Schedule:
Join us for film screenings Mondays at 9pm
HyperCube (top floor of Shwayder)

9/15/14 - Ridley Scott's Bladerunner (Director’s Cut)
9/22/14 - Federico Fellini's 8 ½
9/29/14 - Mark Levinson's Particle Fever
10/6/14 - David Lynch's Mulholland Dr.
10/13/14 - Province: EDP’s Advanced Video Art presents a one-night projection event 
at the Cable Center (Edward S. Rogers Amphitheater exterior wall)
10/20/14 - Terrence Malick's Days of Heaven
10/27/14 - Don Argott's The Art of the Steal
11/03/14 - Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris
11/10/14  - Pedro Almodóvar's The Skin I Live In

Tech Tuesdays

Don’t miss the latest tech demos and discussion Tuesdays at 5pm
HyperCube (top floor of Shwayder)

Spring 2015 Schedule:
3/24/15 - Kinect 2 with Max
3/31/15 - 3D Printing and Blender 3D
4/7/15 - Soldering 101 - hands on
4/14/15 - How to Program WS2812 RGB LEDs (Neo-Pixel)
4/21/15 - Neo Pixels Part 2 - FadeCandy
4/28/15 - Makey Makey Demo
5/5/15 - Touch Table Demo
5/12/15 - LIDAR Lite modules Demo
5/19/15 - Introduction to openFrameworks

Winter 2015 Schedule:
1/13/15 - TechCheck Equipment, Part 1
1/20/15 - HyperCube Capability, Part 1
1/27/15 - Myo Armband Controller Demo
2/3/15 - Zortrax 3D Printer
2/10/15 - TechCheck Equipment, Part 2
2/17/15 - Using Oculus Rift with Unity
2/24/15 - The Oculus Rift and the LEAP Motion Combo
3/3/15 - How to Program the WS2812 (Neo-Pixel)

Fall 2014 Schedule:
9/16/14 - Oculus Rift DK2 Demo
9/23/14 - Leap SDK2 Demo
9/30/14 - 3D Projector
10/7/14 - HyperCube Capability
10/14/14 - TechCheck Equipment
10/21/14Kinect V2 Demo
10/28/14 - Online Professional Presence: From Desktop to Mobile - Designing a responsive web portfolio
11/4/14 - Documenting Your Work


DigiArt Wednesdays

Virtual Scholar Series
Emergent Digital Practices is excited to present the first Virtual Scholar Series for the Spring of 2015. 10 amazing artists/makers/thinkers via streaming video - every Wednesday from 5-6pm . Every session is 50% sharing and 50% Q&A so bring your questions whether they are technical, conceptual, or professional.

Spring 2015 Schedule:

Chaim Gingold  - Chaim Gingold is a computer scientist and interactive designer who worked on the game “Spore” as lead designer of the procedural creature systems and has recently published an acclaimed interactive science book for iPads, “Earth, A Primer.”  &

4/1/15Jeremy Bailey - Jeremy Bailey is a Toronto based self proclaimed Famous New Media Artist who creates performances and Internet artwork. He recently founded the You Museum that serves Facebook and Google ad artworks tailored just for you. &

4/8/15Christopher Baker - Christopher Baker is an artist who creates artifacts and situations that reveal and generate relationships within and between networks. He is a major part of the OpenFrameworks Development community and, more broadly, the openSource community. &

4/15/15Allison Burtch - Allison Burtch creates liberation technology. She’s collaborated on such projects as the Dumb Store – a mobile app store for dumbphones™, co-organized Prism BreakUp at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center and the Drones and Aerial Robotics Conference at New York University. Her recent work includes participation in Deep Lab, a congress of cyberfeminist researchers at CMU. &

4/22/15Micah Scott - Micah Scott is a New Media Artist and Computer Engineer that in known for her hardware tools and LED works. She has worked with VMware, Sifteo, and is the creator of the Fadecandy LED controller board. &

4/29/15Angela Washko - Angela Washko is an artist making performances, videos, and interventions across media and is especially focused on Digital Feminism. She has been creating performances inside the online video game World of Warcraft since 2012 in which she initiates discussions about feminism within the gameplay. &

5/6/15Yael Braha - Yael Braha is a Creative Director, Designer, Filmmaker, and Fine Artist. She currently works as a Creative Director at Obscura Digital in San Francisco. Recently she helped create a series of projections for the side of the 30-story tall United Nations building in NYC as part of a call to action on climate change.

5/13/15Paul Catanese - Paul Catanese is a Hybrid Media Artist, Author, Board member for ISEA, Associate Professor, and Director of the Interdisciplinary Arts & Media MFA Program at Columbia College Chicago. He has been working with drones recently - both as a way to capture complex photographic landscapes as well as using them as remote drawing machines.

5/20/15Rachel Binx - Rachel Binx is a Data Visualizer, Art Historian, Mathematician, and GIF Empress as well as an Entrepreneur who built Monochōme, Gifpop, and Meshu. She is currently a visualization artist at NASA’s JPL laboratory where she is helping to create new ways of understanding their data. &

5/27/15James George - James George is an artist applying computational photography towards portraiture and storytelling. Through installations and films he addresses the emotional response to science fiction technologies as they become reality. He is a creative coder and co-creator of Depthkit, the RGB+D toolkit for dimensional videomaking. &

Winter 2015 Schedule:
Join us for screenings about New Media artists Wednesdays at  5pm  
HyperCube (top floor of Shwayder)

Fall 2014 Schedule:
Join us for screenings of time-based digital art Wednesdays at 5pm
HyperCube (top floor of Shwayder)

[CO] f l u x

[CO] f l u x[CO] f l u x is a collaborative exhibition at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center by emerging artists studying site-specific installation in the Emergent Digital Practices program at the University of Denver.

Opening reception | Feb 13, 6-9P

Closing reception | Feb 20, 6-9P

Artist Talks | Feb 19, 3-5P

Exhibition | Feb 13-21, 2015

Colorado Photographic Arts Center
1513 Boulder Street
Denver, CO 80211
Wed-Fri 12-5P | Sat 12-4P

The Emergent Digital Practices program brings together art, design, media, culture and technology studies in a hands-on, collaborative environment.  Technology links academic disciplines with professional fields and joins shared communities with our personal lives in many new and exciting ways. To understand and explore this landscape, we infuse the digital practices of making and writing with contemporary critical approaches to cultural technologies, media philosophy,  critique and investigation of electronic and new media arts, and studies in science fiction, trans-global politics and science. 

About CPAC: CPAC is dedicated to fostering the understanding and appreciation of photography in all forms and concepts through exhibitions, education and community outreach. CPAC is supported by memberships and individual donations, grants from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, and by funding from the Colorado Creative Industries Division, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

Jonathan Keep

Jonathan Keep Lecture

Please join the DU School of Art & Art History & Emergent Digital Practices for Jonathan Keep’s Marsico Visiting Artist public lecture

February 4th, 2015 @ 7P
C-cubed Studios (top floor of
Shwayder Art Building) 
@ University of Denver
(free and open to the public)

Additional events/workshops:   
Jonathan will also direct a workshop at DU on DIY/open source 3D printer construction, 3D porcelain/clay printing and digital clay expression the weekend of Friday, February 6 - Sunday, February 8, 2015, 10AM-4PM. 
Seats are reserved for AHSS/EDP students.Please contact Professor Timothy Weaver at < > to RSVP or for more information. 
An openhouse for review/critique of resulting creative work will be held Monday, February 9, 2015, 10AM-2PM

Artist bio
Jonathan Keep is a UK-based artist noted for his freethinking approach to pottery and the ceramic form. Jonathan pushes the boundaries of his medium with a creative convergence of ceramics, multimedia, virtual reality and 3D printing.

More information:

Sponsored by the Marsico Visiting Scholars Grant, Emergent Digital Practices, SAAH

Processing Workshops & Presentation

EDP hosts Processing Workshops and PresentationEmergent Digital Practices is excited to host the Processing Development team with Daniel Shiffman & Casey Reas. 

Workshops & Presentation schedule: 
Thursday, Nov 13, 2014
C-Cubed Studios (top floor of Shwayder Art Building) @ University of Denver

2-3:15P Workshop on the "Nature of Pixels" with Casey Reas (RSVP to
3:30-5P Workshop on "p5.js" with Dan Shiffman (RSVP to
5 - 6P Presentation & Panel with Casey Reas & Daniel Shiffman
Free & open to the public

Learn more at



Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014  5-6P
C-Cubed Studios (top floor of Shwayder Art Building)
@ University of Denver
(free and open to the public) 

Please join us for an Artist Talk by Dmitry Morozov. ::vtol:: is a project of a Moscow media-artist, musician and engineer of strange-sounding mechanisms – Dmitry Morozov.

Check out his work:


transformation Monday, October 20th, 2014  1-2P
The Cable Center Atrium (Video Tower) @ University of Denver
(free and open to the public)

EDP's Advanced Video Art presents artwork on 32 screens! Please join us for the screening of video art on the massive video wall at the Cable Center!


ProvinceMonday, October 13th, 2014
9:00 PM

Cable Center - Edward S. Rogers Amphitheater exterior wall

Please join us for a large outdoor video screening! Monday, Oct. 13, 2014 @ 9PM at the Cable Center (Edward S. Rogers Amphitheater exterior wall).


trade secrets

trade secrets posterSaturday, May 24th
7:30 - 9:30 PM

Plus Gallery
2501 Larimer Street - Denver, CO 80205 

Please join us for Video Art's "trade secrets™" exhibition + Closing event for Kristin Stransky's "COMMON/MYTH" at Plus Gallery.


Rocky Mountain PBS and Westword Magazine feature MFA Student Kristin Stransky

Stransky with common/myth"There's a new kind of alchemy happening in the art world, a creative compound where art and science merge. At the University of Denver, it's called Emergent Digital Practices, and Kristin Stransky, who teaches there, is at the forefront of the movement, making stuff that wouldn't have been possible ten years ago, using up-to-the-minute materials and technological tools. What do things look like on the frontier of digital art? Find out by reading Stransky's 100CC questionnaire…"

Read the rest of the Westword article:
Listen to the KUNC feature story:

Westword Magazine features MFA Student Elijah Edwards

Harvest Colony by Elijah Edwards image"Ineffable is a dirty word for a writer. It means something like, "A concept you just can't put into words." Discussing The Deep Novelty Harvest Colony -- a stereoscopic art installation that makes its debut tonight at Hinterland Gallery -- with artist Andrew Elijah Edwards, you enter a philosophical wrestling match with the ineffable nature of his art. After all, his images are trying to create a visceral experience that he believes cannot be captured in language. In advance of the show's opening, Westword spoke with Edwards about the ideas behind his work..."

Check out the rest of the interview:

Channel 9 News features Professor Conor McGarrigle

Walking West News Feature imageWalking West is a durational performance in which new media artist Conor McGarrigle will walk Denver's Colfax Avenue, the longest continuous street in America, drawing a 26.2 mile line to be captured in a satellite photograph.

This project is a hybrid work, which combines the resolutely analog activity of walking mediated through advanced digital technology. It highlights the ways in which digital technologies permeate all aspects of our everyday lives, seeking to leverage them as tools to support new spatial practices, which have the potential to facilitate new thinking on the city and everyday life. It builds on recent work that has explored methods of combining the 20th-century avant-garde practice of walking art and the Situationist concept of psychogeography with digital technology to foster new thinking on the role of artistic and social practices in re-enchanting urban space.

Check out the news coverage:

expression + creativity

BA Poster ImageThursday, May 15, 2014 / 5 - 8 p.m.

Emergent Digital Practices @ C-cubed Studios
(Top floor of the Shwayder Art Building)

EDP BA Student Exhibit + Annual EDP Party

Come and Celebrate the work of EDP BA Students + the Annual EDP Party in the C-cubed Studios. Also check out the Studio Arts BA & BFA Students in the Myhren gallery and lobby.

Ableton Live Workshop

Ableton Live WorkshopSaturday, April 26, 2014, 12 - 3 p.m. ($15) and Sunday, April 27, 2014, 12 - 3 p.m. ($20)

2121 E. Asbury, Denver CO 80208
HyberCube @ top floor of Shwayder Building

The Emergent Digital Practices Program is proud to host a two part workshop on using Ableton Live, taught by DJ Rex Buchanan ( During the Ableton workshops you will learn all about Ableton Live 9 including how to work with both audio and midi. You'll learn an overview of how to build beats, bass lines, melodies and vocal elements into a unique original production. Finally, you'll learn to DJ and perform your creations in a live environment using the versatile Ableton platform. After our Ableton classes you will know all about the exciting world of producing and performing music in Ableton Live 9 Suite.

The workshop will be split into two parts with the second day building on the lessons of the first. The intro course is only $15 and the follow up is $20 = for less than two pizzas you can get up and running with Live.

Laptop with Live 9 and headphones are required. (a free 30 day trial is available).

(max 25 slots, RSVP to

Kristin Stransky - MFA Exhibition

Kristin Stransky Thesis Exhibition adOpening Friday, April 25th, 7 - 9 pm
April 25th - May 24th, 2014

Plus Gallery
2501 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205

"common/myth" explores the transitions between consciousness and universal mythologies: digital consciousness/human consciousness, digital/physical, 2D/3D and mind/emotion/body. Interactive and wearable artworks construct volume through flat profiles, scanning devices record emotion through MRI, and sculptural pieces examine physical and mental connections.

More information:

Elijah Edwards - MFA Exhibition

Elijah Edwards Thesis Exhibition adApril 11, 2014, 6 - 11 pm

The Deep Novelty Harvest Colony, a new video installation by Andrew Elijah Edwards, explores the medium of stereoscopic imagery through a range of new experimental techniques unique to the modern condition. Each imaging device within the installation holds a library of three dimensional spaces, and navigates stereo pair images depicting small moments of the world in its stillness. By accentuating the stereoscopic angles involved in the photography, widening the natural eye distances, the spaces take on a hyperreal quality as if carved out of reality itself. These spaces, while at times sitting silently within themselves, begin to exhibit emergent phenomena, bits of stereoscopic animation act as a sort of wildlife, composed of stereo collage, video, hand drawn and stop-motion animation.

Edwards' work is often an exploration into a kind of existential sensuality, a deep curiosity with the act of being aware and the strange beauty inherent in the felt presence of immediate experience. Growing up in northern New Jersey, he moved west to study film and digital art in Santa Fe New Mexico. Now in Denver, Edwards works as Lead Developer in Technology at the Denver Art Museum and is a graduate student at the University of Denver's Emergent Digital Practices program. The work on display in "harvest colony" is part of his thesis research project and represents the culmination of his degree.

Philippe Moore - MFA Exhibition

Philippe Moore Thesis Exhibition photoS.E.T.H. challenges and critiques how we use technology through performance within a sensor-embedded exo-suit. By drastically altering the way in which he perceives and expresses himself, Moore will explore technology as mediator and extension of the self. When perception is reality, the technology through which we choose to perceive the world should be critically examined.

One night only, April 5th, 7 p.m.
Counterpath Press, 613 22nd St.

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Miwa Matreyek

Image of Matreyek's work

November 6, 2013, 7 p.m. | Artist Talk | C-cubed Studios (top floor of
Shwayder Art Building) | Free & Open to the Public

"Miwa Matreyek is an internationally recognized animator, designer, and multimedia artist based in Los Angeles. She creates animated short films as well as live works that integrate animation, performance, and video installation. Arriving to animation from a background in collage, her work explores how animation transforms when it is combined with body, both physically in her performance pieces, as well as a composited video element in her short films."

- "About - Miwa Matreyek",

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Alex McLeod

Alex McLeod

September 19, 2013, 7 p.m. | Artist Talk | C-cubed Studios (top floor of Shwayder Art Building) | Free & Open to the Public

September 20, 2013, 3 p.m. | Denver Digerati Artist Roundtable | The Cloud (top floor of Shwayder Art Building) | Free & Open to the Public

Alex McLeod constructs hyperrealistic 3D environments filled with crystalline mountains, fiery lakes, and rotund clouds, all rendered in a sickly sweet and gooey candy-colored palette. Recalling the wide-open vistas of Romantic landscape painting while at the same time staging otherworldly dystopias, McLeod's digital prints act as hybrid spaces that imply an almost infinite recombination of the past and present, the real and virtual.

Alex's work has been shown in idn magazine, Wired magazine, Elle magazine, Artbox magazine, at Mass MOCA, scopeMIAMI, and galleries in Montreal, Toronto, Barcelona, San Jose, Argentina, Berlin, NYC, and many more.

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Edward Shanken & Yolande Harris

Shanken book

April 9-12, 2013 | C-cubed Studios (top floor of Shwayder Art Building) | Free & Open to the Public

Wed, 4/10: Scholar Lecture: Ed Shanken, 7PM, Hypercube
Thurs, 4/11: Sound performance/lecture: Yolande Harris, 7 p.m., Hypercube
Fri, 4/12: Displaced Sound Workshop: Yolande Harris, 11-2 p.m., The Cloud
(Workshop RSVP by April 5, email:

Edward A. Shanken writes and teaches about the entwinement of art, science, and technology with a focus on interdisciplinary practices involving new media. He is Dorothy Kayser Hohenberg Chair of Excellence in Art History at University of Memphis, a member of the Media Art History faculty at the Donau University in Krems, Austria, and core visiting tutor at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. Fellowships include National Endowment for the Arts, American Council of Learned Societies, UCLA, University of Bremen, and Washington University in St. Louis.  Dr. Shanken earned a Ph.D. and MA in Art History at Duke University, an MBA at Yale University, and a BA at Haverford College. Recent and forthcoming publications include essays on art and software, art historiography, land art, investigatory art, sound art and ecology, and bridging the gap between new media and contemporary art. His forthcoming book, Inventing the Future: Art, Electricity, New Media will be published in Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese in paper and e-text. He edited and wrote the introduction to a collection of essays by Roy Ascott, "Telematic Embrace: Visionary Theories of Art, Technology and Consciousness (University of California Press, 2003). His critically praised survey, Art and Electronic Media (Phaidon Press, 2009) has been expanded with an extensive, multimedia Online Companion:

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Yolande Harris is a composer and artist engaged with sound and image in environment and architectural space. Her most recent artistic research projects Sun Run Sun: On Sonic Navigations (2008-2009), and Scorescapes (2009-2011) explore sound, its image and its role in relating humans and their technologies to the environment. These works consider techniques of navigation, sound worlds outside the human hearing range, underwater bioacoustics and the sonification of data. They take the form of audio-visual installations and performances, instruments, walks, performative lectures and writings.

Her work is presented internationally in the context of visual art exhibitions, music venues and media art festivals, including: MACBA Barcelona, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Hayward Gallery Touring UK, Netherlands Media Art Institute Amsterdam, ISEA, UCLA Hammer Museum, Villa Croce Genova, Issue Project Room NYC, Shedhalle Zurich, Transmediale Berlin, Atlantic Center for the Arts Florida, STEIM Amsterdam, Ear to the Earth Festival NYC, WRO Media Art Biennale Poland, HKW Berlin and Sonic Acts Festival Amsterdam.

Harris is currently an ORCiM Research Fellow at the Orpheus Institute for Advanced Studies and Research in Music in Ghent. Between 2008 and 2011 she was awarded a national artist subsidy from the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture. She received her Ph.D. 'Scorescapes: On Sound, Environment and Sonic Consciousness' from Leiden University and the Orpheus Institute Gent (2011). She holds an M.Phil. in architecture/moving image from the University of Cambridge (2000), a B.A. in Music from Dartington College of Arts (1997), and studied music and art history at Edinburgh University (1995).

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Sponsored by the Marsico Visiting Scholars Grant & Emergent Digital Practices

MFA Thesis Exhibit of Audrey E. Seiler

April 5, 2013 at 7 p.m.mfa
Chamberlin Observatory
Observatory Park
2930 E Warren Ave
Denver, Colorado 80210

EDP Student Exhibit at Free Press National Conference for Media Reform

April 5-7, 2013ncmr
Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel
1550 Court Place
Denver, CO 80202
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Scott Murray

Friday, March 8, 11 a.m.
Artist Talk & Workshop (Free & Open to the Public) book
(Workshop RSVP by March 4th, email:

Events located at: C-cubed Studios: a Center for Creativity & Collaboration Top floor of Shwayder Art Building, University of Denver

Learn about D3 at the "Introduction to D3" workshop
D3 is a JavaScript-based tool for creating web-based, interactive data visualizations.
A laptop is required for the workshop.

Scott Murray is the author of a new book, Interactive Data Visualization, an introduction to D3 for people new to programming and web development, published by O'Reilly.

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Sponsored by the Marsico Visiting Scholars Grant & Emergent Digital Practices

Annica Cuppetelli & Cristobal Mendoza

Thursday, February 28, 7 p.m.: Artists Talk (Free & Open to the Public) Cuppetelli_Mendoza
Friday, March 1, 11:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.: Open Framework for Processing Users
(Workshop RSVP by February 22, email:

Events located at: C-cubed Studios: a Center for Creativity & Collaboration Top floor of Shwayder Art Building, University of Denver

Don't miss Annica Cuppetelli's and Cristobal Mendoza's Fuse Box exhibition, Transposition at the Denver Art Museum from March 24 - December 1, 2013.

This project is supported by the Hamilton Collaborative: A Visiting Artist Program of the University of Denver and the Denver Art Museum, generously funded by the Hamilton Family Foundation. The Fuse Box is supported by DAM Contemporaries, a membership group that supports the Modern and Contemporary Art Department of the Denver Art Museum.

Annica Cuppetelli (USA) and Cristobal Mendoza (Venezuela) began their artistic collaboration in the Fall of 2010. Their work has been exhibited in the Biennial of Video and Media Arts (Chile, 2012) and festivals such as Scopitone 2012 (FR), ISEA 2012, FILE 2011 (BRA), FAD 2011 (BRA), video_dumbo 2011 (NYC, USA) among others. Cuppetelli obtained her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art (Fibers, 2008) and Mendoza at the Rhode Island School of Design (Digital Media, 2007). Mendoza is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art and Art History at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, where they are based.

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Ableton Live 9 and Push Premiere Event 

abelton Wednesday February 27, 6-9 p.m.
@ C-cubed Studios (top floor of Shwayder Art on the DU campus)
Please join us for the Ableton Live 9 and Push Premiere Event (Free & Open to the Public)
Featuring Darwin Grosse, Orville Kline and and host of new tech including Ableton Live 9, Max for Live and the new Push hardware connections!  

Jonathan Monaghan

Monaghan picsJanuary 21-23, 2013
Workshop: 3D scanning, January 23, 2013, 9 a.m., Denver Museum of Nature & Science 
Artist Talk: January 22, 2013, 6 p.m., HyperCube
Exhibition in C-cubed Studios 

Jonathan Monaghan is an artist working in animation and digitally mediated forms. Employing high-end technology in his process, Monaghan's work blends the fantastic and the surreal. He has presented his work internationally at the BFI Southbank in London, the International Rotterdam Film Festival, the Today Art Museum in Beijing and the Shanghai Doulon Museum of Modern Art. A graduate of the University of Maryland and a former Hamiltonian Fellow, he also presented his work in screenings and exhibitions nationally at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC, the Anthology Film Archives in New York, the Boston Underground Film Festival, and the San Francisco International Animation Festival. He has lectured at Ravensbourne College in London, the College Arts Association, and Tsinghua University in Beijing, in addition to being a U.S. Speaker and Specialist selected by the U.S. Department of State to speak in Bahrain. His 2011 MakerBot Artist Residency was featured on the Colbert Report, Bloomberg News, and NYC TV. 

More information: 

Francisco Lopez

Image of Francisco Lopez

Wednesday, May 2nd @ 7 p.m. "Hydro-Acoustic Study 1" in the HyperCube with Paul Prudence. Also, a solo performance.

Friday, May 4th @ 7 p.m. "Hydro-Acoustic Study 2" at Gates Planetarium, DMN&S with Paul Prudence.

Francisco López is internationally recognized as one of the major figures of the sound art and experimental music scene. Over the past 30 years he has developed an astonishing sonic universe, absolutely personal and iconoclastic, based on a profound listening of the world. Destroying boundaries between industrial sounds and wilderness sound environments, shifting with passion from the limits of perception to the most dreadful abyss of sonic power, proposing a blind, profound and transcendental listening, freed from the imperatives of knowledge and open to sensory and spiritual expansion.

He has realized hundreds of concerts, projects with field recordings, workshops and sound installations in over 60 countries of the five continents. His extensive catalog of sound pieces (with live and studio collaborations with over 150 international artists) has been released by more than 250 record labels worldwide. He has been awarded three times with honorary mentions at the competition of Ars Electronica Festival and is the recipient of the Qwartz Award 2010 for best sound anthology.

See his work at:

Paul Prudence

Image of Paul Prudence

Wednesday, May 2nd @ 7 p.m. "Hydro-Acoustic Study 1" in the HyperCube with Francisco Lopez.

Friday, May 4th @ 7 p.m. "Hydro-Acoustic Study 2" at Gates Planetarium, DMN&S with Francisco Lopez. Also, "Rynth" full-dome visualizations.

Paul Prudence is an artist and real-time visual performer using generative and computational methods to create audio responsive visual systems. An overview of selected works can be found at Transphormetic, as well as information on performances, lectures and exhibitions.

He is a researcher in the field of procedural art, computational design & earth processes. He maintains the weblog Dataisnature devoted to these subjects.

See his work at:

Karolina Sobecka

image of sniff installationMarsico Visiting Scholar Karolina Sobecka will be giving a public Lecture on Wednesday February 29th at 6pm in the Shwayder Art Building, 2nd Floor.  

Karolina Sobecka works with animation, design, interactivity, physical computing, computer games and other media and formats. Her work often explores cultural repercussions of scientific and technological advances, and the subjectivity of perception. Sobecka received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her MFA from Cal Arts in Experimental Animation/Integrated Media. She has also studied and taught in the University of Washington's Digital Arts and Experimental Media PhD program. Sobecka's work has been shown at festivals and galleries around the world, including the V&A, the Beall
Center for Art + Technology, ISEA, Medialab Prado. She has received awards from the Creative Capital, New York State Art Council, Princess Grace Foundation, the Platform International Animation Festival, Vida Art and Artificial Life Awards, Asia Digital Art Festival and the Japan Media Arts Festival.

See her work at:

Jeremy Bailey

Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey will be giving a lecture at 4pm on Tuesday February 21st via skype. It will occur in cyberspace with the local node in the Shwayder Art Building, 2nd Floor HyperCube. He will talk about his work and how the live video camera has changed the nature of New Media. The talk will be an Augmented Reality. Jeremy Bailey headshot

Jeremy Bailey is a video and performance artist whose work is often confidently self-deprecating in offering hilarious parodies of new media vocabularies (Marisa Olson, Rhizome). His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and festivals internationally. He received his MFA in Art Media Studies from Syracuse University in 2006.

See his work at: