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Arts, Humanities & Social SciencesEmergent Digital Practices


The Emergent Digital Practices program has an array of dynamic and flexible spaces infused with technology, giving students all the tools they need to make their ideas come to life.  We have moved beyond the simple computer monitor and encourage explorations in space, mobility, visual, audible, and the tangible.

 The C-cubed Studios

The Hypercube

Open configurable spaces for installation and performance. Supports up to 8 projectors, 16x16 digital video matrix switcher, 12 individually addressable speakers, LED DMX controlled lighting, Unistrut grid, and curtains for closing off any of the three open sides.

hypercube experimental space hypercube image


The Cloud

Open configurable spaces for collaboration, discussion, construction, and performance. All tables and chairs on wheels, pull down electrical outlets, gallery track lighting, blackout shades, and lounge spaces.

image of the cloud space


The Lab

Workspace for e-textiles, electronics experimentation, and DIY 3D printing. Experimentation includes Arduinos, Lilypads, Makerbot Thing-o-matic, X-bee, and various sensor technologies.

image of the Lab space


Make Spaces

Student creative spaces available to build and install artworks.  Moveable dividers allow for many configurations of light control and workspace.

image of make spaces


Leo Block Lab

Open access lab with laptop island and 10 Mac Mini stations.

image of leo block computer lab


The Nexus

Teaching Lab with 15 Mac Pro stations, dual HD projection system, surround sound, and configurable seating.

image of the nexus classroom

closup image of the nexus classroom


The Node

Digitally activated room for intimate discussion, collaboration, and classes.

node classroom


The Matrix

Room with high-end Digital Video Editing Suite and high end Audio Editing Suite.  Includes sound dampening, 7.1 surround sound, large format monitors, mixers, motu input and output modules.

Image coming soon.

Additional Facilities

Sturm Hall 434

12 Mac Pro station Teaching Lab with 3 additional MacBook Pro laptops for portable projects.  All stations include sound mixers and midi controllers.

dms lab


Sturm Hall 211

8 Mac Pro dual screen station open access lab; one dedicated to video editing, three with 21" Cintiq screens.

dms lab


Resources also include:

Laser cutter (in printmaking Studio)

3D plaster printer (in Sculpture Studio)

Full wood and steel shop (in Sculpture Studio)


We currently run the latest versions and updates of the following: 

  • 3D Modeling/Animation/Multimedia: Maya, Flash, Processing, Arduino, Blender
  • Audio Production: SoundForge, Acid Pro, Sonar, Ableton Live, Absynth, Reaktor, Max/MSP
  • Video/Motion Graphics Development: AfterEffects, FinalCut Pro, Vegas, DVD Studio
  • VJ Productin: Resolume, Jitter
  • Image Production: Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, GIMP
  • Web Development: Dreamweaver, Flash, AIR, MS Office 2009