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The Denver School of Forms and Poetics

Department of English

COVID-19 UPDATE - Thank you so much for your application to the Denver School of Forms and Poetics. Unfortunately, the University of Denver has not been immune to the outbreak of COVID-19 and, as a result, the Denver School of Forms and Poetics will not be able to run this summer. We've very regrettably decided to defer the program until next summer (2021). We do hope that you will all be able to participate in the program next year.


University of Denver
Date: June 15-27, 2020

Denver School of Forms and Poetics
Focusing on aesthetic forms and critical poetics, the Denver School of Forms and Poetics, a summer program of the Department of English and Literary Arts at the University of Denver (DU), provides a forum for the exploration of the unique as well as the interactive capabilities of creative writing and literary studies. In four- and six-hour seminars over a two-week period (June 15-27), DU and guest faculty, many of them significant voices in their fields, discuss creative ideas and critical approaches with imagination and insight. Cosmopolitan and innovatory in character, the aims of the Denver School of Forms and Poetics include the interdisciplinary expansion of intellectual boundaries and transcultural studies of form and meaning.

The Denver School of Forms and Poetics fulfills the key goals of DU Impact 2025 — to "impact students by educating them holistically, teaching them the best of critical thinking, expanding our considerable efforts in experiential education for all students and doing more to emphasize issues of cultural competence, emotional intelligence, global citizenship and ethical leadership" and to "use new forms of scholarship and engagement to develop innovative ideas and teach in new ways while retaining our tradition of excellent faculty-student engagement." As an intercultural program shaped by the past-present but oriented toward the future, the Denver School of Forms and Poetics models the root ideal of DU Impact 2025 — "a vision of a modern urban global university dedicated to the public good."

Advanced seniors contemplating graduate studies and graduate students already furthering their professional development are bound to find the experience particularly helpful. So too will all individuals principally interested in knowledge and a dynamic vision of the world. Among other benefits, the Denver School of Forms and Poetics helps students develop a robust critical education that aligns with their creative education, or vice versa, and current literary practices. It also facilitates access to enriching ideas and methods, engaging faculty and engaged participants, and a blend of curricular and co-curricular activities.

Tuition & Registration: One thousand, five hundred and ninety dollars ($1,590) for the two-week program. Applications for one-week participation (at $795 per week) will be considered. Please make checks payable to Dept. of English, Univ. of Denver. DU alumni, US veterans, and early registrants (with completed applications submitted before March 15, 2020) will receive a 10 percent discount. Only 50 percent of tuition will be refunded after April 15, 2020. No tuition will be refunded after May 15, 2020.

Program Highlights
8 seminars
4 mini seminars
2 guest lectures/readings
3* special sessions
3* conference opportunities
*Based on availability. The actual number could be more than currently indicated.

Call 303.871.2742 or email for more information.