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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of English and Literary Arts

Department of English

Department of English and Literary Arts

M.A. in English & Literary Arts—Literary Studies

The Department of English offers the MA with a concentration in literary studies.

Our major areas for MA thesis research include modern and contemporary British literature; American literature; American multicultural literature and Anglophone literatures; genre studies; as well as literary theory and rhetoric. We also offer course work in traditional literary fields, cultural studies, ethnic literatures and gender studies.

  • Ours is a small and intimate department of 22 faculty, all of whom publish widely and seek to translate their learning into shared experiences by working closely with students in and out of the classroom.

Because of our relatively small faculty, the department has the flexibility to allow students to tailor their degrees to their specific talents and interests. We do so with a distinctive curriculum that offers not only typical graduate seminars, but also writing workshops, individually designed tutorials, and colloquia devoted to teaching and professional development. Such a curriculum encourages students to cross genre boundaries in their writing, to relate theory to practice and to work creatively with scholarly projects.

We encourage our MA students to dive deeply into their chosen areas of interest and develop themselves as scholars rather than focus on teaching.  We believe this focus allows them to truly become experts in their subject matter.

MA in English & Literary Arts – Literary Studies

  • 45 hours of course credit (total) needed to graduate, up to 13 hours of which may be taken in graduate tutorials (ENGL 4100) or independent research (ENGL 4995) or cognate courses outside the English Department.
  • An MA thesis project of original scholarship (approximately 60 pages in length) is required.
  • A minimum of 32 classroom hours (8 graduate-level courses) is required. Students must register for a minimum of 8 credit-hours per quarter in order to maintain full-time status.
  • All coursework for the MA should be taken at the University of Denver, but, in rare exceptions, a maximum of 10 credit hours taken elsewhere may count for the requirements if approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • While students have no specific course requirements beyond the 32-hour minimum within the English Department and the 13 hours of graduate tutorials or cognate courses, they are advised to work closely with an advisor to determine a balance between coverage and focus. Please see the Graduate Handbook for full details about thesis and credit hour requirements.

Accelerated Admission for Majors to the MA

The Department offers accelerated admission to our MA in English & Literary Arts - Literary Studies for current DU students majoring in English and Literary Arts. Extraordinarily high-performing majors with a 3.75 GPA or above and good Departmental standing are fast-tracked for admission into the MA and will have several admission requirements waived (including the GRE). For further information, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Prof. Eleanor McNees.

Further Graduate Information

Graduate Program Information

For more information, please email or call 303-871-2249.