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Clark Davis


  • It Starts with Trouble: William Goyen and the Life of Writing. University of Texas Press, 2015.
  • Hawthorne's Shyness: Ethics, Politics, and the Question of Engagement. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005.
  • After the Whale: Melville in the Wake of Moby-Dick. University of Alabama Press, 1995.


  • "Very, Garrison, Thoreau: Variations on the Antebellum Passive." Nineteenth Century Literature, 74.3 (December 2019): 332-359.
  • "Introduction," to the Complete and Collected Stories of William Goyen. Dzanc Books, 2019.
  • "Emerson's Telescope: Jones Very and Romantic Individualism." The New England Quarterly, 41.3 (September 2018): 483-507.
  • "Modernism and Memory: An Afternoon in Taos." Southwestern American Literature 42.2 (Spring 2017): 28-38.
  • "Melville and the Poetics of Ventriloquism: Giving Voice 'At the Hostelry.'" Melville as Poet: The Art of 'Pulsed Life.' Ed. Sanford Marovitz. Kent State University Press, 2013.
  • "Herman Melville." The Cambridge Companion to American Novelists. Ed. Timothy Parish. Cambridge University Press, 2012.
  • "'Environment is all': William Goyen's East Texas." Southwest Review 94.3 (Summer 2009): 430-49.
  • "William Goyen and the Strangeness of Reading." Raritan 28.4 (Spring 2009): 138-57.
  • " 'Not Like Any Form of Activity': Waiting in Emerson, Melville, and Weil." Common Knowledge 15.1 (2009): 39-58.
  • "Outside the Custom House?: On the Philosophy of Shyness." Common Knowledge 12.3 (Fall 2006): 410-19.
  • "The Hungry Art of William Goyen." The Southern Review 40.4 (Autumn 2004): 816-28.
  • "Facing the Veil: Hawthorne, Hooper, and Ethics." Arizona Quarterly 55.4 (Winter 1999): 1-19.
Donna Beth Ellard



  • "The 'Wildernesses' of Beowulf: Landscapes, Liminality, and Environmental Criticism," In The Practical Guide to Teaching Beowulf. De Gruyter Press: The Hague, forthcoming.
  • "Beowulf and Babies." In Dating Beowulf: Studies in Intimacy. Edited by Dan Remein and Erica Weaver. 97-119. Manchester: Manchester UP, 2020.
  • "Writing with Birds," co-written with Bailey Pittenger. In American/Medieval goes North: Earth and Water in Transit. Volume 2. Edited by Gillian Overing and Ulrike Wiethaus. 231-46. Göttingen, Germany: V&R UniPress, 2019.
  • "Historical Hauntings: Coloniality, Decoloniality, and the Futures of Medieval Studies." postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies. Special Issue: "The Ghosts of the Nineteenth Century and the Future of Medieval Studies" 10.2 (2019): 236–249.
  • "'Anglo-Saxonist, n.': Professional Scholar or Anonymous Person," Rethinking History 23.1 (2019).
  • "Communicating Between Species and Between Disciplines—Lessons from the Old English Seafarer." Exemplaria: Medieval, Early Modern, Theory 30.4 (2018): 293-315.
  • "Ella's Bloody Eagle: Sharon Turner's History of the Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-Saxon history," postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies 5.2 (2014): 215–234.
  • "Ekphrastic Beowulf: Defying Death and Staying Alive in the Academy." In Staying Alive: A Survival Manual for the Liberal Arts by L.A.O. Fradenburg. 263-84. Brooklyn, NY: Punctum Books, 2013.
  • "Going Interspecies, Going Interlingual, and Flying Away with the Phoenix," Exemplaria: Medieval, Early Modern, Theory 23.3 (2011): 268-292.
Rachel Feder


  • Harvester of Hearts: Motherhood Under the Sign of Frankenstein (Northwestern University Press, 2018)
  • Bad Romanticisms (poetry). Astrophel Press, 2018.
  • Other People's Scorpions (poetry). MoonChaps, 2018.
  • "Wordsworth on the Radio," in Rock and Romanticism: Blake, Wordsworth and Rock from Dylan to U2, ed. James Rovira, forthcoming from Lexington Books (2018).
  • "Zonkey Romanticism." Romantic Circles Pedagogies Commons (April 2017).
  • "Practicing Infinity." Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 34 (2016), 195-200.
  • "The Poetic Limit: Mathematics, Aesthetics, and the Crisis of Infinity." ELH 81.1 (2014): 167-195.
  • "The Experimental Dorothy Wordsworth." Studies in Romanticism 53.4 (2014): 541-559.

Other Work

  • Words with Friends (poetry).  dancing girl press chapbook series, 2014.
Graham Foust

Books (Poetry):

  • Embarrassments. Chicago: Flood Editions, forthcoming 2021.
  • Nightingalelessness. Chicago: Flood Editions, 2018.
  • Time Down to Mind. Chicago: Flood Editions, 2015.
  • To Anacreon in Heaven and Other Poems. Chicago: Flood Editions, 2013.
    • An Amazon Best Book of 2013
    • Shortlisted for the 2014 Believer Poetry Award
  • A Mouth in California. Chicago: Flood Editions, 2009.
  • Necessary Stranger. Chicago: Flood Editions, 2007.
    • Finalist: Northern California Independent Booksellers Association Book of the Year Award.
  • Leave the Room to Itself. Boise, ID: Ahsahta Press, 2003.
    • Winner: 2003 Sawtooth Poetry Prize.
  • As in Every Deafness. Chicago: Flood Editions, 2003.

Books (Translation):

  • Of Entirety Say the Sentence [translation of Ernst Meister's Sage vom Ganzen den Satz]. With Samuel Frederick.
    Seattle & New York: Wave Books, 2015.
  • Wallless Space [translation of Ernst Meister's Wandloser Raum]. With Samuel Frederick. Seattle & New York:
    Wave Books, 2014.
    • Short-listed for the American Literary Translators Association's National Translation Award, 2015.
  • In Time's Rift [translation of Ernst Meister's Im Zeitspalt]. With Samuel Frederick. Seattle & New York: Wave Books, 2012.

Selected Reviews:

  • Fifty Crudities. With drawings by Brian Calvin. New York, NY: The Song Cave, 2020.
  • To Graham Foust on the Morning of His Fortieth Birthday. Northampton, MA: The Song Cave, 2010.
  • To Anacreon in Heaven. Berkeley, CA: Minus A Press, 2010
  • On "Sad Songs and Waltzes." New York: Hand Held Editions, 2009.
  • Some Kinds of Poems. Fort Collins, CO: Bonfire Press, 2007.
  • 6. Amherst, MA: Phylum Press, 2001.
  • Three from scissors. Buffalo: Meow Press, 1998.
  • Endless surgery. Buffalo: Trifecta Press, 1997.

Articles and Essays Contributed to Books, Anthologies, and Encyclopedias:

  • "'If this were not a poem / but an actual garden': On George Oppen and Louise Glück." Poetics and Praxis
    "After" Objectivism. Ed. W. Scott Howard and Broc Rossell. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2018.
  • "'Trembling my standard returned': Two Versions of Peter Gizzi's 'Hard as Ash.'" In The Air: Essays on the
    Poetry of Peter Gizzi. Ed. Anthony Caleshu. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 2018.
  • "'Some Affluence': Reading Wallace Stevens with Anne Carson's Economy of the Unlost." Anne Carson: Ecstatic
    Lyre. Ed. Joshua Marie Wilkinson. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2015.
  • "Only the Broken Breathe." A Broken Thing: Poets on the Line. Ed. Emily Rosko and Anton Vander Zee.
    Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2011.
  • "Teaching John Ashbery." Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook. Ed. Joshua Marie Wilkinson. Iowa City:
    University of Iowa Press, 2010.
  • "'a place of sepulcher / in splice of time': An Essay for Ronald Johnson's Blocks." Ronald
    Johnson: Life and Work. Ed. Joel Bettridge and Eric Selinger. Orono, ME: National Poetry
    Foundation, 2008.
  • "KNOWHOWE." I Have Imagined a Center // Wilder Than This Region: A Tribute to Susan Howe.
    Ed. Sarah Campbell. Buffalo, NY: Cuneiform Press, 2007.
  • "'Not [not] the poet, not [not] me': Lisa Jarnot and Frederick Seidel after 9/11." Ideas of Order
    in Contemporary Poetry. Ed. Diana von Finck and Oliver Scheiding. Heidelberg, Germany: C.
    Winter, 2007.

Articles and Essays in Journals and Periodicals:

  • "Polysemy in Elizabeth Bishop's 'The Fish.'" The Explicator. 78.1. 49-51. February 25, 2020.
  • "Pressing Buttons: On Robert Creeley's 'Some Afternoon.'" The Explicator. 75.2. 108-111. June 2, 2017.
  • "Keep Growing." Coldfront. March 2017.
  • "Origin and Impossibility in John Ashbery's 'Myrtle.'" Journal of Poetics Research. Issue 5. September 2016.
  • "Resisting Print: Jack Spicer's Lecturature." Jacket. No. 38. 2009.
  • "Riding in Cars in Poems: Williams, Stevens, Creeley." American Poet. Vol. 35. Fall 2008.
  • "Only the Broken Breathe." Center: A Journal of the Literary Arts. Vol. 7. 2008.
  • "A Place from Which to Wave: 'Just Someone You Say Hi To.'" Conjunctions.
    Issue 49. 2007.
  • "Two Little Essays on Looking." Fascicle . Issue 3. December 2006.
  • "Poetry's Neighborly Enemy Mind." Fascicle . Issue 2. Spring 2006.
  • Two selections from "Essays for Record Players: A Mix Tape." Fascicle . Issue 1. Summer 2005.
  • "I Can't Get Them Close Enough—There's No Such Thing: Seidel, Poussin,
    the Pastoral." Tri-Quarterly. Number 116. Summer 2003.
  • "Wallace Stevens's Manuscript As If in The Dump." Jacket . No. 14. July
    2001. . (Reprinted in Salt, Vol. 13. 2002).
Eric Gould
Book: The University in a Corporate Culture.  Yale University Press, 2003.  Won the 2004 Frandson Prize for Literature from the UCEA.
Book chapter: “The University, the Marketplace, and Civil Society.”  The Business of Higher Education, ed. John C. Knapp and David J. Siegel.  Praeger, 2009.
Tayana Hardin

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • "The I Who Arrives: A Meditation on History as Inheritance." Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture 18, no. 3 (Fall 2018).
  • "Discursive Encounters: Dance, Inscription, and Modern Identities in Interwar Paris." Journal of Transatlantic Studies 14, no. 2 (2016): 176-187. DOI: 10.1080/14794012.2016.1169866.
  • "Katherine Dunham's Southland and the Archival Quality of Black Dance." The Black Scholar 46, no. 1 (2016): 46-53. DOI: 10.1080/00064246.2015.1119635.
  • "Josephine Baker and the Shadow of Spectacle." Dance Chronicle 38, no. 2 (2015): 179-203. DOI: 10.1080/01472526.2015.1043797.

Co-Authored Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Academic Book Reviews

  • Water and African American Memory: An Ecocritical Perspective, by Anissa Janine Wardi, Callaloo 37, no. 2 (Spring 2014): 457-459.

W. Scott Howard

Selected Awards

Yale University, Beinecke Library, Donald C. Gallup Research Fellowship, 2015.

NEH Digital Humanities & Interdisciplinary Research Grant, 2011-12.

The Pew Charitable Trusts, Teaching Fellowship, 1996.



  • Poetics and Praxis 'After' Objectivism. Ed. W. Scott Howard and Broc Rossell. University of Iowa Press, scheduled for 2018.
  • Archive and Artifact: Susan Howe's factual telepathy. Talisman House, scheduled for 2018.
  • SPINNAKERS. The Lune, 2016. Available Here.
  • Ann Collins and the Historical Imagination. Ashgate, 2014.
  • ROPES. Delete, 2014. Available Here
  • The Divorce Tracts of John Milton: Texts and Contexts. Duquesne, 2010.


  • "Archives on Fire: Artifacts & Works, Communities & Fields." Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture. 16.1 (2016).
  • "Water: Resources and Discourses." Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture. 6.3 (2006).

Selected Articles (since 2006):

  • "Katherine Philips's Elegies and Historical Figuration." Women's Writing 24.3 (2017): 313-331; and Routledge / Taylor & Francis online (2016).
  • "WYSIWYG Poetics: Reconfiguring the Fields for Creative Writers & Scholars." The Journal of Electronic Publishing. 14.2 (2011).
  • "Anglo-American Metaphysical Poetics: Reflections on the Analytic Lyric from John Donne to Susan Howe." The McNeese Review. 46 (2008): 36-52.
  • "Historical Figuration: Poetics, Historiography, and New Genre Studies." Literature Compass. 3.5 (2006): 1124-1149
  • "Literal / Littoral Crossings: Re-Articulating Hope Atherton's Story After Susan Howe's articulation of sound forms in time." Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture. 6.3 (2006): 

Selected Book Chapters (since 2006):

  • "Prophecy, Power, and Religious Dissent." A History of Early Modern Women's Writing. Ed. Patricia Phillippy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018. 315-331.
  • "Archives on Trial: 'Executing' Richard II and Eikon Basilike in the Digital Age." Teaching Early Modern Literature From the Archives. MLA, 2014. 152-61.
  • "Apophatic Haecceity: William Bronk & the Analytic Lyric." William Bronk in the Twenty-First Century. Talisman, 2013. 81-91.
  • "'That Noble Flame': Literary History & Regenerative Time in Katherine Philips' Elegies and Society of Friendship." Dialogism & Lyric Self-Fashioning: Bakhtin and the Voices of a Genre. Susquehanna, 2008. 136-62.
  • "'Fire harvest: harvest fire': Resistance, Sacrifice & Historicity in the Elegies of Robert Hayden." Reading the Middle Generation Anew: Culture, Community, and Form in Twentieth-Century American Poetry. Iowa, 2006. 133-52.

Selected Literary Essays:

Selected Poetry:

Sonictexts & Images:

Peer-Reviewed Journals (Founding Editor):

Selected Reviews (of books):

Selected Interview:

Eleanor McNees


Eucharistic Poetry:  The Search for Real Presence in John Donne, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Dylan Thomas and Geoffrey Hill. Lewisburg: PA: Bucknell UP, 1991.

Edited Collections:

Selected Papers from the 18th Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf. Ed. Eleanor McNees and Sara

Veglahn. Clemson, SC: Clemson UP, 2009.

The Development of the Novel: Literary Sources and Documents. 3 vols. Ed. Eleanor McNees. London: Helm Information Ltd., East Sussex, England, 2006.

Critical Assessments of the Brontë Sisters, 4 vols. Ed. Eleanor McNees. London: Helm Information Ltd. East Sussex, England, 1996.

Critical Assessments of Virginia Woolf, 4 vols. Ed. Eleanor McNees.  London: Helm Information Ltd., East Sussex, England, 1993.

Scholarly Editions:

The Years by Virginia Woolf. Ed and annotated by EleanorMcNees.  New York: Harcourt, 2008.

Selected Articles:

History as Scaffolding: Woolf’s Use of The Times in TheYears.” Seclected Papers from the 22nd Annual

 Virginia Woolf Conference. Eds. Kathryn Holland and Ann Martin. Clemson, SC: Clemson UP, (2013. 41-


“Public Transport in Woolf’s City Novels: The London Omnibus.” Woolf and the City: Selected Papers from the 19th Annual Virginia Woolf Conference. Eds. Elizabeth Evans and Sarah Cornish. Clemson, SC: Clemson UP, 2010. 31-39.

“Accounts for the Arm-Chair Traveler: The Italy of Badham and Dickens.” The Victorians and Italy: Literature, Travel, Politics and Art. Eds. Alessandro Vescovi, Luisa Villa and Paul Vita. Milan, IT: Polimetrica International Scientific Publisher, 2009. 45-60.

Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine and Dickens’s Pictures from Italy: Another Source for the Italian Letters?” Conference Proceedings from University of Genoa, 2008-09.

Reluctant Source: Murray’s Handbooks and Pictures from Italy,” Dickens Quarterly, Dec. 2007: 211-29.

Selected Reviews:

Review of The Years, ed. Anna Snaith, Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2012. Virginia

Woolf Quarterly (Spring 2014).

Review of Virginia Woolf’s Essayism, by Randi Saloman. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2012 in Virginia Woolf Bulletin (January 2014).

Review of Virginia Woolf and the Spanish Civil War, by Lolly Ockerstrom. Cecil Woolf Publishers

(Bloomsbury Heritage Series, No. 66). London, 2012. Woolf Bulletin (September 2013): 62-64.

Review of Julian Bell: From Bloomsbury to the Spanish Civil War, by Peter Stansky and William

Abrahams. Stanford: Stanford UP, 2012. Virginia Woolf Bulletin (September 2012): 70-72.                                                                      

Maik Nwosu


  • The African Comic Imagination in Modern African Literature and Cinema: A Poetics of Laughter. Routledge, New York, 2016.
  • A Gecko's Farewell (novel). Parrésia, Lagos, 2016.
  • The Critical Imagination in African Literature: Essays in Honor of Michael J. C. Echeruo. Ed. Maik Nwosu and Obiwu. Syracuse University Press, New York, 2015.
  • Markets of Memories: Between the Postcolonial and the Transnational. Trenton, New Jersey: Africa World Press, Trenton, NJ, 2011.
  • Alpha Song (novel). Beacon Books, Lagos, 2001.
  • Invisible Chapters (novel). Tivolick, Lagos, 1999.
  • Suns of Kush (poetry). Malthouse Press, Lagos, 1998.
  • Return to Algadez (short stories). Malthouse Press, Lagos, 1997.


  • "The Muse of History and the Literature of the Nigeria-Biafra War." The Routledge Handbook of Minority Discourses in African Literature. Ed. Tanure Ojaide and Joyce Ashuntantang. Routledge, New York, 2020: 276-291.
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  • "Christopher Okigbo and the Postcolonial Market of Memories." Research in African Literatures 34.8 (Winter 2007): 70-86.
  • "Children of the Anthill: Nsukka and the Shaping of Nigeria's 1960s Literary Generation." English in Africa 32.1 (May 2005): 37-50.

Other Work:

  • "An African Dystopia" – Review of Sanya Osha's On A Sad Weather-Beaten Couch, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, April-June 2017: 28-34.
  • "Isé" (poem). On Broken Wings: An Anthology of Best Contemporary Nigerian Poetry. Ed. Unoma Azuah. DLite Press, Yorktown Heights, NY, 2014.
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  • "In America" (short story). El Ghibli 5.22 (December 2008).
  • "In the Shadow of His Excellency (short story)." New Writing 14. Granta, London, 2006: 236-244.
  • "Like an Angelus" and "River Legend" (poems). DrumVoices Revue 13 (Spring 2005): 100-103.
R. D. Perry

Journal Articles:

  • "Chaucer's Summoner's Tale and the Logic of Literature." Special Issue on "Logic and Literary Form." Poetics Today 41 (2020): 37-57.
  • "Lydgate's Virtual Coteries: Chaucer's Family and Gower's Pacifism in the Fifteenth Century." Speculum 93 (2018): 669-98.
  • "Langland's French Song." Yearbook of Langland Studies 30 (2016): 277-96.
  • "The Earl of Suffolk's French Poems and Shirley's Virtual Coteries." Special Colloquium on "Cambridge, Trinity College MS R.3.20: Cultures of Miscellany in Trilingual England." Studies in the Age of Chaucer 38 (2016): 299-308.
  • "Lydgate's Danse Macabre and the Trauma of the Hundred Years War." Special Issue on "Medieval Trauma." Literature and Medicine 33.2 (2015): 303-24.

Chapters in Books:

  • "Hoccleve and the Logic of Incompleteness." In Hoccleve: New Approaches. Ed. Jenni Nuttall and David Watt. Cambridge: D. S. Brewer. Volume under contract.
  • "Auctoritas/Auctour." In A New Companion to Critical Thinking on Chaucer. Ed. Stephanie Batkie, Matthew Irvin, and Lynn Shutters. Leeds, UK: Arc Humanities Press. Volume under contract.

Edited Scholarship:

  • Thinking of the Middle Ages: Midcentury Intellectuals and the Medieval. Ed. and introd. R. D. Perry and Benjamin Saltzman. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Volume under contract.
  • The Hundred Years War and European Literary History. Ed. and introd. Daniel Davies and R. D. Perry. Manchester: Manchester University Press. Volume under contract.
  • Charles d'Orléans' English Aesthetic: The Form, Poetics, and Style of 'Fortunes Stabilnes'. Ed. R. D. Perry and Mary-Jo Arn. Intro. R. D. Perry. Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2020. Introduction, pp. 1-21.
  • "Langland and the French Tradition." Special Section of the Yearbook of Langland Studies. Ed. and introd. with Elizaveta Strakhov. Yearbook of Langland Studies 30 (2016): 175-305. Introduction, 175-81.

Edited Primary Texts:

    • The Legend of Good Women. Ed. and introd., textual, and explanatory notes with Megan Cook. In The Cambridge Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Gen. ed. Julia Boffey and A. S. G. Edwards. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Volume under contract. 
Aleksandr Prigozhin


  • "Contagion of the World: Minor Intimacies in The Voyage Out." Twentieth-Century Literature 66, no. 3 (2020).
  • "Listening In: D. H. Lawrence and the Wireless." MFS Modern Fiction Studies 64, no. 2 (2018): 264–85.
Bin Ramke


  • forthcoming: Earth on Earth, Omnidawn, 2021.
  • Light Wind Light Light, Omnidawn, 2018.
  • Missing the Moon. Omnidawn, 2014.
  • Aerial. Omnidawn, 2012. F
    • Finalist for 2013 Los Angeles Times book award

Selected Reviews:


Adam Rovner
Books: Selected Academic Articles:
  • "Jewish Geographies: Jabotinsky and Modernism." Partial Answers: Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas. 15:2 (2017): 315-339.
  • "What If the 'Uganda Plan' Had Succeeded?" in "If Only We Had Died in Egypt!": What Ifs of Jewish History from Abraham to Zionism. Ed. Gavriel Rosenfeld. Cambridge UP: [2016]: 165-186.
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  • The 7:30 Report. Australian Broadcasting Company (Dec. 2009)
Documentary Film:


Billy J. Stratton


Buried in Shades of Night : Contested Voices, Indian Captivity, and the Legacy of King Philip's War ,University of Arizona Press, 2013; pb. 2014.

Editor, A Critical Companion to the Fictions of Stephen Graham Jones, University of New Mexico Press, forthcoming, 2015.


“Reading Through Peoplehood: Towards a Culturally Responsive Approach to Native American Literature and Oral Tradition” in Twenty-First Perspectives on Indigenous Studies: Native North America in (Trans)motion. Eds. Birgit Däwes, Karsten Fitz, Sabine Meyer, Routledge (in press, 2015).

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With Frances Washburn, “The Peoplehood Matrix: A New Theory of American Indian Literature,” Wíčazo Ša Review, 28:1 (2008): 82-118.

Lindsay Turner

Books (Poetry):

  • Songs & Ballads. Prelude, 2018.

Books (Poetry in Translation):

  • Common Life [Stéphane Bouquet]. New York: Nightboat Books, forthcoming.
  • The Next Loves [Stéphane Bouquet]. New York: Nightboat Books, 2019.
  • adagio ma non troppo [Ryoko Sekiguchi]. Los Angeles: Les Figues, 2017/8

Books (Philosophy in Translation):

  • In Defense of Secrets [Anne Dufourmantelle]. New York: Fordham University Press, forthcoming.
  • Postcolonial Bergson [Souleymane Bachir Diagne]. New York: Fordham University Press, 2019.
  • Atopias [Frédéric Neyrat, co-translated with Walt Hunter]. New York: Fordham University Press, 2017.

Journal Articles:

  • "Writing / Not Writing: Anne Boyer, Paralipsis, and the Model of Literary Work," ASAP / Journal 3:1 (2018), 121-142.
  • "Lullaby & Labor: Alice Notley and the Work of Poetry," Contemporary Women's Writing 12:3 (2018), 289-305.

Selected Reviews (Poetry in Translation):

Selected Reviews (Poetry):


Kristy Ulibarri


  • Visible Borders, Invisible Economies: The Living Dead of Latinx Narratives (under contract)