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Department of English

Research & Publications

Student Publications


Awad, Mona. 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl. Penguin Books, 2016. (Fiction)

Carmody, Teresa. Maison Femme: a fiction, novella, Buffalo, NY: Bon Aire Projects, 2015.

Carmody, Teresa. Requiem, short stories, Introduction by David L. Ulin, Les Figues Press: Los Angeles, 2005.

Case, Mairead. See You in the Morning. Featherproof Books, 2015. (Fiction)

Comola, Jessica. Everything We Met Changed Form and Followed the Rest, Horse Less Press, 2016.

Drager, Lindsey. The Sorrow Proper. Dzanc Books, 2015. (Fiction) 

Ebeid, Carolina. You Ask Me to Talk About the Interior.  Noemi Press, 2016. (Poetry)

Foerster, Jennifer. Leaving Tulsa. Tuscan: Penguin Books, 2016. (Poetry)

Foley, Brian. The Constitution. Black Ocean Press, 2014. (Poetry)

Merkner, Molly. The Forest of the Suburbs. Five Oaks Press, 2015. (Chapbook)

Rosales, Christopher. Silence the Bird, Silence the Keeper. Mixer Publishing, 2015. (Fiction)

Schwilling, Taryn. The Anatomist. Yesyes Books, 2015. (Poetry)

Journal Articles/Essays

Alber, Catherine. "Monster Bodies, Monster Space: Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian and the Demythologization of the American West." Southwestern American Literature 40.2 (Spring 2015).

Drager, Lindsey. "In Defense of Anachronism, Or: W.G. Sebald Interviews Me" Passages North, 2016.

Drager, Lindsey. "To Possess is to Extinguish: A Gothic Essay" Copper Nickel, 2015.

Kinsey, Elisabeth. "The Debussy Bird." Women in Nature: An Anthology. Louise Grace Publishing, 2015.


Barya, Mildred. "October," "Going Home" and "The Sink." Moving Worlds: A Journal of Transcultural Writings 14 (2014): 90-91.

Barya, Mildred. "Stormy Heart." A Thousand Voices Rising: An Anthology of Contemporary African Poetry (2014): 13-14.

Foerster, Jennifer. "Richer Than Anyone in Heaven." Please Excuse This Poem, 100 New Poets for the Next Generation. Viking Press, 2015.

Foerster, Jennifer. "Refrain." TriQuarterly 147 (Winter 2015).

Foerster, Jennifer. "The Sounding." Fulcrum: An Annual of Poetry and Aesthetics 7 (Fall 2015).

Foerster, Jennifer. "Old Woman and the Sea." Yellow Medicine Review (Spring 2015).

Machado, Aditi. "If Thought Is Life," "Blessed Is" and "The God Word." The Offending Adam 178.1 (January 2015).

Machado, Aditi. "Green Fingers." February: An Anthology (Spring 2015).

Machado, Aditi. "Letters, Minor." DIAGRAM 14.6 (December 2014).

Merkner, Molly. "Mid-century Modern Sofa." Boxcar Poetry Review (Spring 2015).

Merkner, Molly. "April 1995." The McNeese Review, Spring 2015.

Nguyen, Diana Khoi. "Self-Portrait as Justin Boening" & "Cult Leader." Read America(s) Anthology, Locked Horn Press, TBA 2016.

Nguyen, Diana Khoi. "Between Dog and Wolf." HoundLit 3 (October 2015).

Nguyen, Diana Khoi. "Buzkashi." PEN America Poetry Series, September 2015.

Nguyen, Diana Khoi. "How the Guilty Speak." Denver Quarterly, Summer 2015. 

Nguyen, Diana Khoi. "To the Earth." Cosmonauts Avenue 1.7, Spring 2015.

Nguyen, Diana Khoi. "Getting the Hero to Speak." Kenyon Review (Winter 2015).

Nguyen, Diana Khoi. "Tippi of Africa." Gulf Coast (Winter/Spring 2015).

Pride, Jacob. "Catholic Poets Unite." Catholic Exchange (2007).

Pride, Jacob. "The Preposition of the Object." Catholic Exchange (2007).

Walsh, Michael Joseph. "Insect." The Volta (2015).

Walsh, Michael Joseph. "HERMIT," "HIGH PRIESTESS," "LOVERS," "WHEEL OF FORTUNE." Timber (2015).

Walsh, Michael Joseph. "Too Many Myths to Feed." Denver Poetry Map (2015).

Walsh, Michael Joseph. "Yes, Please." Country Music 7 (2014).

Walsh, Michael Joseph. "Glossolalia." Word For/Word (2014).

Walsh, Michael Joseph. "EMPRESS." The Tarot Poetry Anthology, 2015.


Short Stories

Awad, Mona. "Bye Judy and Good Luck." Walrus, Summer 2016.

Awad, Mona. "Hearts and Minds." Slice, Fall 2015.

Awad, Mona. "The Girl I Hate." Post Road, 2014.

Awad, Mona. "How the Sexual Ecstasy Nectar Did Not Save Us." St. Petersburg Review, 2014.

Awad, Mona. "Dream Me." Fog Horn, February 2014.

Awad, Mona. "Beyond the Shore." Walrus, January/February 2014.

Carmody, Teresa. "William and His Women Friends," (short story), The Collagist, February 2016. Longform Fiction's "Pick of the Week," February 18, 2016.

Carmody, Teresa. "Loser art and other queers," Words on Paper, Naropa University, 2016. (creative nonfiction)

Carmody, Teresa. "from Maison Femme," (novella excerpt), Faultline 24. eds. Meriwether Clarke and Julian Smith-Newman. Spring/Summer 2015.

Carmody, Teresa. "Basement," (novella excerpt), Entropy, ed. Saehee Cho, December 2014.

Carmody, Teresa. "Two Rooms," (novella excerpt), Two Serious Ladies, Fall 2014.

Drager, Lindsey. "House of the Former Her" Fourteen Hills, 2016.

Drager, Lindsey. "The Antique Paradigm" Post Road, 2016.

Drager, Lindsey. "Perennial Departure" LIT, 2015.

Drager, Lindsey. "The Archive of Alternative Endings" Hayden's Ferry Review, 2015.

Drager, Lindsey. "Foul Mouth" Quarter After Eight, 2015.

Drager, Lindsey. "The Touch Wars" and "Catalog on What a Daughter is Not" Modern Language Studies, 2015.

Drager, Lindsey. "Reasons for Elevators" Chattahoochee Review, 2014.

Drager, Lindsey. "Her Exhibit is Curated" Black Warrior Review, 2014.

Drager, Lindsey. "Unsoiled" Cream City Review, 2014.

Drager, Lindsey. "The Artificial Condition" The Best Small Fictions 2015.

Myint, Thirii. "Weathervane." Timber Journal, October 2015.

Rosales, Christopher. "The Mule." LitRagger, September 2015.

Rosales, Christopher. "Building the Case." UNBUILD Walls, May 2015.

Rosales, Christopher. "A Missionary." BULL, September 2014.